5 restaurants in Mykonos every foodie must try

Mykonos is known as the most luxurious island of the Cyclades. The glitz and glamour here are nonstop. Not only does Mykonos provide fantastic summers, with golden sandy beaches and endless blue waters, but its cuisine is something every food lover must explore and enjoy.

Wining and dining is a luxury by itself and Mykonos is the place to be, when it comes to quality gourmet restaurants and cozy local taverns. After all, Greeks are famous for their hospitality and the Mediterranean cuisine.

To help you choose between your endless possibilities, here are our top 5 picks of restaurants you simply must try.

1. Kikis tavern

This cozy tavern is run by locals and is located above the beach at Agios Sostis. Kikis tavern will be the highlight of your trip to Mykonos. The food is fabulous, and it has some of the tastiest pork chops you’ll ever try in your life. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive, and the design is simple, yet elegant. The place is bustling yet there’s an unhurried rhythm to everything. No reservations are taken, but you can see people sitting outside, waiting calmly for their turn.

The views from outside, and inside, are spectacular. No visit to Mykonos could be called complete, without enjoying a traditional dish here.

2. Koursaros

Koursaros is an ultra-modern restaurant, located in old Mykonos town, which initially appears out of place, but the smart decor and ambience work wonders. You could say that it’s a beautiful “secret” garden at the heart of Mykonos town.
Oil trees, white tables, appropriate lighting and music, compose a discreet and chic scenery for Greek seafood and fish lovers. And above all, carefully selected plates, fresh ingredients from the Aegean seabed and tasteful Mediterranean salads.  It is very comfortable and totally worth it. Overall, Koursaros is the place to go to for sea food in Mykonos.

3. Remezzo restaurant & Bar

Like many good places in Mykonos, Remezzo is a little hard to find, if you don’t pay close attention. Located on the harbor, in Mykonos town, this gem offers you high end and high-quality meals. It’s location is perfect, as you’re overlooking the sea. Endless blue, as far as the eye can see.

The food, the view and the service are guaranteed to make Remezzo a unique experience. We highly recommend requesting a table on the upper floor, facing the water, as the restaurant has two different sections and one of them is like a terrace. Everything on the menu is so delicious and their cocktail selection is divine.

4. Kiku

If you’re looking for something fancy and impressive, then Kiku is the place to be. Kiku is a very well-known Japanese restaurant, so if you’re into Japanese food, then get ready for some of the most amazing sushi you’ve ever had. It’s located in Mykonos town, where you can spot lots of celebrities relaxing by the pool or having dinner by your side.

The food is exceptionally good, the view is unbelievable, and this restaurant is really worth the visit. We suggest that you take a table by the pool in the sunset time and go for an unforgettable experience.

Plus, if you haven’t already made a reservation at Kiku, we have a special treat for you. Mykonos Luxury offers you last minute booking at the best table, without having to pick up the phone.

5. Nikolas taverna

Nikolas taverna is a family restaurant, located in Agia Anna beach, Paraga. If you’re looking for genuine local food, this traditional tavern delivers every single time. The situation is perfect. You’re right on the beach with sun beds and you can always take a quick dive, before the food arrives. Nikolas and his family are lovely – as are all the staff – and the food is absolutely delicious.

Nikolas taverna is a real taste of old Mykonos and no visit to the island would be complete, without at least one day spent here. We personally suggest you try the special omelet, the shrimp moussaka and the grilled fish. Plus, Nikolas taverna is close to Scorpios, where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, while gazing at the sunset.

Mykonos offers you the ultimate culinary experience. Be smart and give in to temptation.