Aviation Charter Terms & Conditions

Important Notes:

  1. Unless otherwise specified, defined terms have the same meaning as in the Mykonos.luxury terms of use.
  2. The Baltic Air Charter Association(“BACA”) has produced an Industry Standard ‘passenger aircraft charter agreement’ as a legal guide to its members and their private aviation customers.
  3. Aircraft Operators using Mykonos.luxury agree to adopt the following Standard Charter Terms in their dealings with Mykonos.luxury Members. The Standard Charter Terms are modeled substantially on BACA’s charter agreement, with the aim of providing consistency of contractual approach for Mykonos.luxury Members.


Charterer: The Mykonos.luxury Member (which shall include its representative(s) as applicable) making the Flight booking using Mykonos.luxury whose details are set out in a Charter Contract.

Carrier: The Aircraft Operator whose quotation for provision of a Flight to the Charterer has been accepted by the Charterer in accordance with an Agreement and the terms of Mykonos.luxury (as applicable) as detailed in a Charter Contract.



In these Standard Charter Terms unless the context otherwise requires:-

  • “Agreement”means these Standard Charter Terms, the Charter Contract, and any Special Conditions.
  • “Aircraft”means any aircraft (including helicopters) operated in connection with any Flight.
  • “Charter Price”means the total amount set out in Mykonos.luxury invoice(s) issued in respect of a single Agreement (which includes Mykonos.luxury’s fee for facilitating an Agreement.).
  • “Flight”means a flight described in a Charter Contract.
  • “Charter Contract”means the online confirmation issued to the Charterer by Mykonos.luxury confirming an aircraft charter and Flight details.
  • “Mykonos.luxury”means LUXURY INTERNATIONAL LTD
  • “Mykonos.luxury Exchange Rate”means the midpoint rate as published on www.oanda.com, plus a 2% currency administration fee.
  • “Mykonos.luxury Members”those persons who subscribe to use the services of Mykonos.luxury as are made available through Mykonos.luxury or through any mobile application made available by Mykonos.luxury from time to time.
  • “Mykonos.luxury Tender Process”means the online process by which the Charterer submits a request for fulfillment of a Flight requirement. This is then responded to by one or more Aircraft Operators who can fulfill the Charterer’s itinerary requirements, submitting a quotation together with details of any Special Conditions or Charterer requirements.
  • “Special Conditions”means those variations to the Standard Charter Terms upon which the Carrier will perform the Flight for the Charterer and which, in the event of inconsistency with these Standard Charter Terms, take precedence as between the Parties.


2.1 The Carrier shall make available to the Charterer the Aircraft as specified in a Charter Contract and the Charterer shall take the Aircraft on charter from the Carrier upon the terms and conditions of an Agreement (including any Special Conditions which have been notified to the Charterer by the Carrier during the Mykonos.luxury Tender Process).


If the Charterer wishes to cancel any Flight(s) after confirmation of the related Agreement, the following rates will be paid immediately by the Charterer to Mykonos.luxury as agreed compensation for such cancellation:

  • 50% of the Charter Price if canceled after completion of an Agreement;
  • 100% of the Charter Price if canceled within 2 weeks of the scheduled departure time as set out in a Charter Contract.

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