Choosing vacation rentals to «work from anywhere» | Τhe new trend of working-from-anywhere” has arrived to Mykonos Island

-Why Mykonos Villas are ideal for hosting executives to work from “home”-

Leading companies in the world are all the more establishing the concept of working from home for their executives.  Recent statistics show that working from home can be up to 13.5% more productive for individuals with specific duties.  Internet, as the unifier of the globe is a protagonist in this new trend, whilst lately, the concept I being transformed to “working from anywhere”.  Executives and employees can work while on an out-of-home tranquil space, sharing quality time with their colleagues and/or families. 

Villas in Mykonos along with several other sourthern Mediterranean geographical spots have proven to be the ideal choices of American and European corporations that rent properties on the behalf of their executives. 

“Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Capital One, Zillow, Slack, Amazon, PayPal, Salesforce and other major companies have extended their work-from-home options, according to the largest human resources organization, SHRM, and other sources.” (Source FORBES, May 24th 2020)

According to people that were forced to live the “work from home” experience, they have sometimes felt that the formal workplace, although at times distracting, offers the opportunity for social interaction. Some people need the buzz of the office to feel secure or be productive. Office background noise and the interaction with colleagues were missing from executives that were obliged to stay at home as a reaction to the COVID-19 work-from-home policies in Sweden.  It’s well known that working alone, neglecting self-care and failing to log off from work on a regular basis can lead to burnout. 

People want different things. Some remote workers are looking for the solitude of a pristine forest or the relaxed lifestyle of a hippie ocean island. Others prefer the fast pace of modern city life or the quiet of country-based communal surroundings with an emphasis on sustainable living. Whatever the choice, the common thread running throughout is the desire to mitigate the isolation and loneliness that can come from this kind of independent, often solitary lifestyle. 

And this is why, companies or individuals end up choosing to combine the isolation and tranquility of a Villa on an island like Mykonos, and at the same time the opportunity to exit their “remote office” and enter straight into a cosmopolitan hub, like the island of Mykonos, which offers award-winning restaurants, multicultural vibes, a crazy party scene, amazing beaches, magical sunsets, clubs, galleries, and with all of it happening within a 10-minute drive from one of the most modern international airports in Europe!

The combination of the villa qualities which cover all corporate needs, along with the island’s supreme atmosphere has been described by one of our customer as “Pure bliss!”

As remote working becomes an increasingly viable option for more people, with location independence increasingly the new norm, Mykonos Luxury is in a position to offer short or long-term leases of luxury Villas which have been transformed to work-friendly alternative accommodations for both business travelers and leisure travelers looking to work remotely.  All of our properties meet high quality service requirements and are fully suitable by providing:

  • seamless wi-fi
  • dedicated work space
  • web TV 
  • high quality service
  • certified disinfection
  • cleanliness high scores
  • smoke alarms
  • fire extinguishers
  • provision of any goods upon request 24/7

Keeping this evolving trend in mind,, as a leader company on the island providing a range of hospitality services, has assigned a Special Team equipped with all the necessary tools in order to offer value to business travelers or remote workers who are increasingly choosing vacation rentals to work from anywhere.

Last but not least, we are providing flexibility around cancellation policies to the travelers with our fully transparent 6-key policy

  • Our Covid-related cancelation policy is valid through to September 30th 2022
  • You get full money refund if the cancellation is made at least 7 days before arrival
  • All payments cancelled can be refunded in the form of a Credit Voucher
  • Credit Vouchers are valid for 24 months and are transferable
  • Prices cancelled bookings are guaranteed to remain the same
  • Cancellations can be made with a simple email
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