Corporate events & promotion

Either is Your new product launch or your annual corporate event, Mykonos is an ideal place for your venue. Mykonos Luxury & Associates team with vast experience in planning, Hosting and organize the best events for many corporates and worldwide brands will guaranty the success for your Mykonian venue.

What the perfect event needs?

Of course, a team of individuals and companies, where are the best in their profession class and provide a high quality of services. Mykonos Luxury agency is the one that combines many profession experts so the result is nothing less than perfection.


We can provide the best host suits you perfect for your event.

Ιnnovative presentations & advertising procedures

•Branding of the Venue

•Hospitality (Registration, Event Flow & Catering)

•Concept Creation (Mood Videos, Communication Material, Facilitator, Shows, Digital Interactive Games & After Parties)

•Photo & Video Coverage (internal use of the post material)

Tailor Made Premium Event Planning
Mykonos Luxury, specialize in finding the perfect venue and creating the ambiance needed for your event. We take care of every detail so you can just sit back and relax, taking all the credit for a fabulous holiday event! Allow Mykonos Luxury to take care of the planning and organization and get ready to enjoy the show!

Hosting and communication campaigns for unique Events. Special performances, parties and tv shows hosted by our team of experts.