Whether you are launching a new product or having your annual corporate event, Mykonos is certainly the ideal place for every participant!

Mykonos Luxury and its expert team of associates  is your safe choice on the island! With our vast experience in planning, hosting and organizing corporate events for many world known brands, we guarantee the success of your event in Mykonos.


We dress up events. 

We focus on finding the right venue and adding all of the tasteful decoration and embellishments appropriate for your event. 

We combine the creativity and meticulous attention to detail of our cohesive team; based on your original concepts and ideas, we will set a scene that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Regardless of whether your event is small and intimate, or on a larger, more luxurious scale, we treat all our customers equally and if you contact us, we will be more than happy to discuss what we can do for you within your budget.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Tailor Made Premium Event Planning

Mykonos Luxury, specialize in finding the perfect venue and creating the ambiance needed for your event. We take care of every detail so you can just sit back and relax, taking all the credit for a fabulous holiday event! Allow Mykonos Luxury to take care of the planning and organization and get ready to enjoy the show!

Hosting and communication campaigns for unique Events. Special performances, parties and tv shows hosted by our team of experts.