Covid-19 Mykonos

Our Guests’ health and safety are our number one concern.

Given the evolving COVID-19 situation, we proceeded in taking all necessary measures so that we can welcome you to Mykonos and ensure you enjoy your stay.

Although Mykonos has currently zero infection rate, we will continue abiding by all state guidelines and will maintain the stringent precautionary measures to address in the best possible manner the coronavirus concerns, when it comes to staying at our Villas or hiring cars, yachts, and aircraft.

The measures are taken before -and after- each Guest arrival, include, but are not limited to:

Strict cleanliness and disinfection procedures. This effort includes frequent deep cleaning of all our properties, with an increased focus on doors, handles, faucets, switches, chairs, windows, restrooms, luggage carts, countertops, swimming pools and all high traffic areas with medical-grade cleaners and disinfectants

  Our housekeeping staff only uses licensed disinfectants and detergents in all cars, yachts, and aircrafts hired, with an increased focus on handles, doors, dashboards, and seats

  Hand washing and sanitizing stations have been added at our Villas for both guests and employees

  Our staff has also been advised on the importance of frequent and proper 20-second hand washing, throughout the day

  Mandated use of gloves and masks by all our staff has also been implemented

  All linen is washed by a machine-operated laundry, which follows all recommended textile processing standards of appropriate time, temperature and chemicals, and each item is delivered to us individually  wrapped

Vacations are meant to be fun-filled and carefree. We are looking forward to brighter days ahead when we can again focus on fun and bringing a lifetime of positive memories to the Guests we serve.

We will continue to provide updates as necessary through our website and our social media pages.

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