D. Rock Champagne meets villas in Mykonos

D. Rock Champagne meets Mykonos.Luxury Villas

Mykonos Luxury (with a collection of dozens of luxury villas in Mykonos)  and D. Rock champagne are happy to announce the launch of The Mykonos Luxury Champagne special Edition!

The owner of Champagne D. Rock, Chris Hofmann and Mykonos.Luxury Operations Director Pikoulas Chris decided to build on their long-lasting friendship and offer the famous D. Rock Brut Gold special edition champagnes to all Mykonos Luxury villas’ guests.

The luxurious cuvee D. Rock Brut Gold is a blend of different grapes and soils, with subtle balance and exceptional character.  The unique and instantly recognizable golden bottle is the perfect mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with an unrivalled smooth bouquet, produced in a small, idyllic family business in Champagne.

D. Rock Brut Gold is the first champagne, worldwide, with a handmade logo made from over 1.000 Luk-Dymand synthetic gemstones, carefully assembled on noble cotton velvet.

D. Rock also produces “Christophorus”, a 60 liters bottle of champagne, the biggest filled champagne bottle worldwide.

Mykonos Luxury villas in Mykonos offer all luxury touches a guest would expect from a resort in Mykonos island, the world-class location and superbly chic destination. Whether you’re looking for luxuriously relaxing, throwing your wedding, partying all day with friends, or just enjoying an intimate affair, Mykonos Luxury villas in Mykonos are the ultimate environment for crafting your memories. Mykonos Luxury villas’ guests will complimentary enjoy a glass of D. Rock-Mykonos Luxury Champagne and fresh fruits, at their arrival, and will receive a bottle of champagne, as a good appreciation gift!

We want our guests to feel truly valued and our valuable association with D. Rock Champagne is a deluxe way to thank them and make them feel how special they are for us.

Mykonos Luxury Champagne Edition: Setting the standard for Luxury and Sophistication