The Cyclades is the ideal location for adventurous visitors to explore Greece’s most famous island complex. Taking on a yacht cruise around the Cyclades island group is a unique experience that every traveler is dreaming of. The luxurious motor yacht Iris promises a comfortable and relaxing cruise along with experienced staff at your disposal.

Day 1 – Embarkation at 12:00pm – Mykonos

The Crown Jewel of the Aegean Sea

Renowned for its cosmopolitan character and its intense nightlife, this beautiful Greek island is also famous for its beautiful beaches, great restaurants and fantastic shopping. We would suggest lunch at Namos on Psarou Bay and perhaps Nobu for dinner in town. The shops in MYKONOS are open all night long and they are definitely worth a visit. We will organize cars for you to go into town in the early evening for a stroll around and hopefully to meet Peter the Pelican who wanders freely around the alleyways. In the evening, we can book any one of the famous restaurants and why not take a wander around some of the famous Mykonos bars to enjoy the nightlife the island is well-known for.


Nammos | The ultimate place to be! If you ask anyone in town what the hottest restaurant is around, they’ll undoubtedly reply Nammos. It’s the trendiest beach restaurant in Mykonos. is divided between a formal dining area, lounge with bar, and beach club.
Hakassan Mykonos | The famous restaurant is now for the second year in Mykonos serving the famous dishes from London!
Matsuhisa Mykonos | The Famous Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant inside the ultra chic Belvedere Hotel.
Katrin | One of the most established restaurants in Mykonos. It is in town in a small alleyway. You either sit inside or at a table in front of the restaurant. The food is excellent.

Bars / Clubs

Astra Club | Historic club very nice music; it hosts at times several famous DJ’s. Queen of Mykonos – The hottest champagne bar on the island
Bonbonniere Club Mykonos | The famous London & NYC Club in Mykonos in one of the best locations opposite the Luis Vuitton store.
With VIP crowd and shisha, it is the place to visit.

Day 2 – Paros/Antiparos

Wake up in PAROS in the bay of Kolimbithres for your morning of water sports. Wind and sea have sculpted the granite into smooth but bizarre shapes. Amongst the rocky outcrops is a succession of small, sandy coves of shallow, lucid blue water to be explored. Paros has its own BUTTERFLY VALLEY, The dappled shade and running water can make for a pleasant break from the scorching summer heat The luxuriant, leafy valley set in the hillside at Petaloudes is home to the Jersey Tiger moth, Euplagia quadripunctaria. The valley is actually a private garden but tourists are made warmly welcome by a small cafe with a fountain and well-marked paths through the undergrowth. A visit to the very graphic town of NAOUSSA for a glass of ouzo and a mezze at one of its myriad bars is also a must.


Marios | In the old Venetian port of Naoussa the scenery is as if it is taken out from a Hollywood production. Enjoy sophisticated Mediterranean food at MARIO and savor the moment.
Barbarossa | Landmark in Paros is a top choice in front of the sea with amazing seafood. Also, they do yacht catering as well.

Bars / Clubs

Sommaripa Consolato | Beautiful Bar on a terrace with great views for early drinks (after an hour it becomes really busy).
Come Back | The island’s best cocktails and club till late.

Day 3 – Ios

Upon reaching the island, the VIEW before you is enchanting. The Town, very close to the harbour in Ormos, greets the travellers, built in an AMPHITHEATRE-like manner on the slope of a hill, on the top of which there are ruins of a mediaeval castle. Snow-white little houses, picturesque arcade-covered alleys, the twelve windmills, churches with arched belfries and light blue domes create a unique residential area. The island is also particularly famous for its wonderful beaches and certainly the intense nightlife. However, IOS has also great places to RELAX away from large crowds and noise. From the highest spot of Chora, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea.


Grandma’s | A new restaurant in the luxury boutique hotel Liostasi, Grandma’s Restaurant offers exquisite Greek cuisine with a cosmopolitan twist. Located next to the hotel’s pool on an open air deck, Grandma’s restaurant invites you for romantic candlelight fine-dining facing the breathtaking sunset over the shimmering sea.
Ios Club Restaurant | This is one of the most romantic restaurants in Ios and offers a scintillating view all the way to Sikinos and the other nearby islands. Open all day, Ios Club Restaurant is located in Hora. Enjoy the magnificent sunset, amazing cocktails and a delightful dinner from Greek and international cuisines, accompanied by the romantic sounds of classical music.

Bars / Clubs

Free Beach Bar & Restaurant | This lounge beach bar and restaurant are located on Mylopotas Beach. While enjoying the sun and white sand on one of the many king-size beach beds, along with the crystalline waters, you can treat yourself to the imaginative treats that the chef will prepare for you from the Greek, Mediterranean or International cuisines.

Day 4 – Koufonisia/Schinousa

In the morning you will find yourselves anchored in the crystal clear waters of Pori Bay in KOUFONISIA, a small group of two islets. These are PANO KOUFONISI and KATO KOUFONISI, and they are separated by a narrow 200 m. wide strait. Koufonisia are famous for their sheltered golden sand beaches, small natural pools of turquoise waters and feasts in the original ‘island way’ with seafood fresh from the sea. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to spend half day swimming in Pano Koufonisi and the half day enjoying the peaceful, crystal waters of Shinousa, a tiny and remote island a few miles away.

Small in size but with mesmerizing surroundings. Don’t miss out on visiting the Chora. Built on a hill as a defense against pirate attack, it is hard to spot at first but once you arrive there, you can enjoy its commanding views across the Aegean. Visit the “Isodia tis Theotokou”, where the icon of “Panagia tis Akathis” – an icon of the Holy Virgin – is kept. In the evening, in the café of the main paved street there are impromptu feasts to the accompaniment of violin and lute and an abundance of food, ideally washed down by “raki”, a homemade brew which really packs a punch after a couple of glasses. Make sure to check out at the entrance of the port the restored traditional boat “kayki” by renowned artist Christianna Economou. And make sure to try the local fava – a kind of chickpea dip – that has won many awards!


Kalofeggo | On the port a very good choice.
Remezzo | The best Fish on the island.

Bars / Clubs

Sorocos | Very romantic bar with beautiful views.
En Plo | Club that plays and greek music after hours.


Nickola’s Schoisousa | Delicious fresh fish.
Deli | Amazing food with a mesmerizing view.
Xara | Traditional Greek coffee shop.

Day 5 – Santorini

Great poets have sung its praises, a 4.000-year-old history. And the eternal rock continues to stand, strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding well the secrets of Atlantis…The wonderful beauty of the SANTORINI landscape and the deep blue sea filling the central caldera surrounded by red, black, purple, brown, and yellow rocks, speak of one of the largest natural catastrophes to occur during human antiquity in the MEDITERRANEAN. A feeling of awesomeness and forbidding remain with us today, some 3.600 years after this landscape was shaped by a tremendous volcanic eruption that devastated an island, reshaping it into the gorgeous scenery we visit now. The Captain will aim to sail into Santorini in the morning while you are enjoying breakfast. Everyone should be up to take in the awesome views. The villages are perched up on the cliffs and this is where you need to go to in order to see what is said to be the most stunning sunset in the world.

Sightseeing Tours / Excursions

Archaeological Museum – The Archaeological Museum of Santorini is located on Fira, the capital village of the island. It hosts sculptures, ceramics, statues, small vases and findings from the ancient cemetery of Thera. Volcano – You can walk upon the solid black lava sides of the steaming volcano and explore the whole area which is quite impressive. Discover the volcano’s crater and other openings bursting with sulfur steam. The area also offers an incredible view of the beautiful villages hanging on the cliffs.
Visit the wineries | Santorini is an island with long wine-making tradition. The volcanic soil and the special climate of Santorini give a unique taste to the local wine.


Koukoumavlos | Fine dining in Santorini, views and amazing Mediterranean fusion cuisine by one of the Top Restaurants on the island.
Ovac | New entry very promising in the ultra-luxury newly built Cavo Tagoo.
1800 | One of the best restaurants in a historic building with a wine cellar.
Red Bicycle | Nested in a high spot in OIA nouvelle cuisine only with local products

Bars / Clubs

Cavo Tagoo | All day lounge bar.
Wet | Beach Bar & Club.
Franco’s Bar | Unique cocktail bar with opera arias etc. Amazing experience.

Day 6 – Sifnos

Great for beaches, walking and scenery, SIFNOS is a very attractive island. In the late afternoon venture ashore and head for the capital which sits on a hilly plateau in the middle of the island; it comprises Apollonia and Artemonas – not twin Greek gods, but two sparkling collections of whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches of GREAT CHARM.


Omega 3 | Fishbar & Winebar for lunch or dinner) at Platys Gialos beach.
Rambagas | Excellent dinner place in Apollonia.

Day 7 – Mykonos

Visit Delos | Tell your children the mythological story of Apollo and Artemis, twins born to Zeus and his wife Leto. The story goes that Leto came to the island to give birth to the twins, first to Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and then to Apollo, god of the sun. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must for people of all ages (educated archaeologist available to escort the passengers).

Find Petros the Pelican | You can’t miss the island’s fabled resident mascot since he loves a crowd. Large, outgoing and sometimes noisy, he draws tourists around him when he struts around by the port in town.

Go snorkeling | Discover the Aegean’s vibrant underwater life while visiting one of the island’s beaches, including Psarou and Paranga. Snorkel over caverns inhabited by hundreds of colorful fish and anemones.

Day 8 – Disembarkation at 12:00 - Mykonos

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