Five reasons to visit Mykonos

Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most enchanting islands of Cyclades in Greece. Every year, around 750,000 of explorers travel to Mykonos to experience the delightful atmosphere it offers. Mykonos is a fine island filled with impressive beaches, luxurious restaurants, family-run taverns, romantic sights, elegant summer villa, and the very warm people who know how to welcome visitors. A place to fit all tastes. From backpackers, families, to celebrities and VIP’s, Mykonos is to be every summer. We gathered the top five reasons why you should visit Mykonos, this year and every year:

1. Beaches

Mykonos is world famous for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and transparent waters. There is a beach for every taste and mood. Nudists, round-the-clock party people, families and those seeking a break from the madness of Mykonos will all be able to find a beach that fits their taste.
The beaches on the south shore of the island have the best sand, view and are protected from the Meltemi, the local Cycladic wind. Keep in mind that most people begin to arrive in the early afternoon, and you can avoid the worst of the crowds by going in the morning. The north coast beaches are less developed but just as beautiful. They are less organized and crowded and most suitable for those in search of a bit of calm. Do you want to enjoy as many Mykonos beaches as possible, within your stay? You can rent a yacht in Mykonos, and go around the island to see famous spots and also discover new, or rent a luxury car to go around the island!

2. The Nightlife

The fame of the nightlife in Mykonos is not accidental. Here are located all the best bars and nightclubs if you want to spend your vacations in Greece, including open-air partying, cocktail bars and after-hours clubs. This is the place where you can party with the jet-setters since the place is often compared to Ibiza. Mykonos provides it all: From classy and sophisticated Caprice to all-day beach party mayhem in Super Paradise, you can party any time of the day (or all day)!

3. The Gastronomy

The gastronomy of the island is as varied as to that one would expect to find in a large European city. Gourmet restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, Greek tavernas, ethnic corners, Italian trattorias etc coexist and cover a wide spectrum of tasteful options. Fresh fish is a must try too. The list of cuisines is a really endless! Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, French and a plethora more will cover your expectations in every respect.

4. Shopping

Shop until you drop.

The beautiful island of Mykonos is not only known for its enchanting beaches. It is a shopping mecca for shopaholics too! There are 177 fashion stores, 91 jewelry stores, 10 beauty stores, 38 Home Deco stores, 38 souvenir stores, 48 supermarkets, 8 liquor stores, 11 Local and organic stores, and 4 bookstores scattered around the island. Meaning, in every street and corner of Mykonos you will see a busy small shop that is entertaining its customers.

5. Delos

Another reason for visiting Mykonos is that it is the best place to start a tour of the impressive archeological site on the nearby island of Delos, Greece. Delos, a small, rocky island, was one of the most sacred places in Greek mythology due to its role as the birthplace of the twins Apollo and Artemis, two of the most important gods of the early Greeks.

The island’s small size does not prepare you for the incredible extent of ruins and ongoing excavations that can be found on Delos. We highly recommend a visit, as Delos is, perhaps, the most outstanding archaeological site in Greece, outside of the Acropolis and other ancient sights in Athens.