HACT Ambassador Promoting Aegean Islands and Luxury travel Greece

The Event

HACT Ambassador, Mr. Kostas Skagias, partly responsible for the positive exposure of Greek Tourism and more specifically tourism in Mykonos, has continued to promote Greek hospitality through various activities. Through his extensive efforts, he has influenced the international public opinion regarding Cycladic Tourism and Holiday in Mykonos.

One of the most recent activities that promoted Mr. Skagias’ efforts was his interview to Christine Van Blokland, host of the Curious Traveller show and Mickela Mallozzi, host of the Bare Feet show from the American public television channel, Create TV (both Emmy-winning journalists). Create TV is an American public TV channel, delivering lifestyle programming (as travel, cooking, home improvement, gardening, arts, and crafts, etc.), reaching 46 million viewers nationwide. In their shows, Christine Van Blokland explores the hidden history’s in each location’s art, architecture, museums, monuments, houses of worship and city parks and Mickela Mallozzi explores the traditional side of cultures while connecting with the locals through celebration and artistic expression.


During his interview, Mr. Skagias emphasized on the Aegean islands’ picturesqueness and traditional style as well as on the authenticity of the way of life, of architecture and of Greek traditional cuisine, that remains alive and unchanged through time.

For promoting further, the Aegean islands and Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism members, the two journalists were invited to visit Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete this year. Christine Van Blokland and Mickela Mallozzi will be visiting for 12 days in total the Aegean islands, staying 3 days in each destination.

Hellenic Seaways will be sponsoring their sea transportation. Radisson Blu Beach Resort hotel in Milatos and Oceanos Hotels Group in Chania will provide accommodation to the American journalists during their visit to Crete.

About Mykonos tourism

It is important to add one more remarkable activity of the ambassador, which took place during his visit to New York, in one more effort to support the industry of tourism in Mykonos. Mr. Skagias had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Alexander (President of Crown Peters travel service) about this summer seasons demand for luxury travel to Greece (such as luxury accommodation and yacht holidays) and to commend the high quality and luxury services that Greek hospitality industry provide, focusing on the Aegean islands and the Americans favored destinations of Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete.

Crown Peters travel service is one of the pioneers of the industry in the United States, specialized in luxury travel packages in Greece and the Mediterranean. Its name is synonymous with superior packages and service for providing an unforgettable experience in Greece and the Mediterranean.

People like Mr. Skagias are essential in the welfare of the Greek tourism industry and it is very important to applaud and support incentives and people like these so that Greek hospitality maintains its quality and development.

*The aim of the Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism is to attract high-income US tourists and major corporate events in Greece, promoting especially Aegean islands and the premium members of the Chamber.