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Mykonos Luxury Property Management manages stylish and exclusive private properties and connects travelers with unique luxury Villas in Mykonos.  We have built on our extensive travel knowledge and local expertise to bring together an attractive and vibrant collection of properties. Each one is hand selected for its stunning location and distinctive approach. Our careful choices are sustained by unique relationships with the homeowners. With Mykonos Luxury’s property management expertise and broad marketing distribution, owners who switch to Mykonos Luxury can earn more and have peace of mind, and here’s why:

 Rent with ease

Owning a second home shouldn’t be your second job. Mykonos Luxury property managment takes care of the details so you can enjoy the earnings from your villa. When you choose Mykonos Luxury, you’ll benefit from our revenue management expertise—from our pricing tools to our dedicated analytics team and monitoring performance in real time. We even offer custom estimate of how much your home could earn if managed by us. And we only earn when you do! We charge a simple commission on your earnings for each booking and an once-off flat fee for building the listing, villa maintenance and interior decoration services. The rate varies depending on the location, size and quality of your property and we offer a discount if you’re listing multiple properties

 The perfect listing for the perfect guests

 We will build your listing with high-quality HD photography and videos, carefully curated and ordered to meet the precise standards we’ve developed after analyzing the performance of hundreds of rental listings. Guests will know exactly what they’ll get when they book your villa, leading to a better experience and better reviews.  Your listing will be prominently featured everywhere guests are searching, like Airbnb, HomeAway, and, while you will stay on top of all your reservations, with our universal booking calendars, that allows us to manage your bookings across all platforms.  Our digital marketing specialists ensure Mykonos Luxury villas are highly visible with targeted multi-channel campaigns across search engines, display advertising, social media, and email marketing.

The right price at the right time

When you sign with Mykonos Luxury, you benefit from our industry-leading pricing experience. Different days and different homes have different demands and we know how to price them perfectly. Impacted by many factors such as seasonality, trends, demand, local events, etc. your villa’s rates are intelligently updated, so it books for the best price, neither underpriced, nor overpriced. We provide 360o booking management, handling the rental agreement related issues, collecting rental fees and processing all payments in a timely manner.

Professional care you can count on

Every Mykonos Luxury home is cared for by local staff, including highly trained housekeepers and a dedicated villa supervisor. Every Mykonos Luxury guest receives 24/7 support from our reservations and customer service teams. If you already have trusted local partners (perhaps a housekeeper or handyman), we’re happy to work with them, ensuring their work remains strong, and covering for them should they ever be unable to clean your home.

Housekeeping is the heart of our business

Hiring, training, and supporting quality housekeepers is one of the most valuable services we offer to our homeowners. Our guests consistently rate our villas’ cleanliness as exceptional, thanks to our robust housekeeping program. We train the most qualified housekeeping professionals thoroughly, with detailed cleaning checklists and regular inspections and we support them with the tools they need to be effective and ensure everything is completed on time and to our standards. The sheets and towels of your villa are laundered in a certified machine operated laundry facility, following all recommended textile processing standards and delivered to Mykonos Luxury in individually wrapped packs. We also offer top quality amenities that matter most to guests and make them feel pampered.

Seamless guest experience, with 24/7 support

We obsess over delivering a seamless, stress-free vacation for your guests, from booking the right villa to stocking the bathroom toiletries. And of course, we provide around-the-clock care from our local management and central support teams. With our Private and Personal Meet & Greet service, a dedicated Mykonos Luxury agent will assist your guests upon arrival and carry out the check-in and check-out procedures according to a protocol, customized to your villa, while your guests will be enjoying a welcome drink. If your guests have questions, our Customer Experience team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer all guest phone calls and emails. When needed, we’ll connect them directly with your villa’s supervisor, and we always have a backup contact available, just in case.

Guest screening and property protection

While most vacation villa’s guests are respectful and responsible, protecting your home is our top priority. Our reservation system flags bookings with specific risk factors and assigns them to a specially trained customer service representative for review and follow-up. For certain reservations, we use an identity verification service to screen guests before they’re ever permitted to book a Mykonos Luxury villa. And since we employ a robust local staff, we’re able to check on your property at a moment’s notice.

Guiding your villa in interior design

Our design associates will leverage their interior design expertise to create the perfect space for your guests. We believe elevated design helps us achieve greater success, together. Our design services are only available to Mykonos Luxury homeowners, at a cost less than the industry norm. Our design packages include consultation, custom mood boards, and several rounds of review, all with your style and budget in mind.

Integral Maintenance

We observe, review, and action any property issues, all in one place and deal with problems right away. We coordinate any maintenance required for your villa from swimming pool maintenance and gardening to plumbing, electrical maintenance, home improvements and renovations. We offer comprehensive, reliable service, collaborating with experienced local staff;

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