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We put a face on luxury and called it Daphne.

Villa Daphne straddles an unspoiled and rocky cape between the beaches of Elia, Agrari and Super Paradise. The estate sleeps 11 guests in full privacy all the while enjoying endless panoramic sights of Donoussa, Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, and Ios. You will fall in love with the interior design!

Minimalism blended with Myconian architecture dress the villa. Comfortable bedrooms, large dining area and fully equipped kitchen make it feel like home away from home, not to mention the home cinema, where you can treat yourself to a thematic movie night. It is so comfy that you will be in a dilemma whether to stay in or out.

The flagship suite, called the “keli” or cell, was originally a modest stone shelter built for shepherds, which has been enlarged and transformed into a fabulous 3 room suite of 120 m2.

Outside it gets better and better! The bar next to the infinity pool guarantees beautiful relaxing sunsets with cocktails.

Designed and decorated by Ed Tuttle and Dimitris Rizos, you will live a lifetime experience this Mykonos luxury villa!

Copyright © Mykonos Luxury. All rights reserved.

Ground Level

  • 2 grand master en-suite bedrooms (king size beds, sea view, private balconies, walk-in closet)
  • 2 master en-suite bedrooms (king size beds, walk-in closet)
  • Single bedroom (single bed, walk-in closet)
  • Living room & dining area
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Shaded exterior lounge & dining area
  • Pool

Lower level

  • En-suite studio/bedroom (80 m2, king size bed, sitting area, fully equipped kitchen, sea view)


  • 120 m2 (home cinema, kitchen, 3 guest WC, football table,  ping pong table)

Gatehouse (upon request)

  • En-suite bedroom (60 m2, king size bed, kitchenette, office, sea view)


 Mini bar
 Sound system
 Security alarm

 Anatomic mattresses
 TV in rooms
 Personal hygiene
 Working Desk
 Washing machine
 Baby cot bed (on request)

 Private Infinity pool (heated)
 Basket court
 Pool bar

Villa Services:

 Golf car (one per suite)
 Daily maid service
Pool freshening
 Change of linen twice weekly
Pool towels
 Daily towels change
 Laundry service

Extra Services Provided:

  VIP complimentary arrival/departure transfer
  Luggage assistance
 Villa pre-stocking
 2 massages 20min/day
  2h/day Yoga or personal trainer
 Welcome basket

From Mykonos town: 5.2 km
From Mykonos airport: 3.0 km
From Mykonos new port: 7 km
From Nammos: 4.6 km
From Scorpios: 4 km
From Alemàgou: 7 km
From Principote: 9 km
Closest beach (Super Paradise): 600 m
Closest shop: 800 m

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There are no reviews yet.

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  • Y’all know the song ‘Summertime and the living is easy’ by Ella Fitzgerald, right? This was exactly how I can best describe my experience at Mykonos Luxury. I mean it wasn’t enough that our villa was epic and had everything you could ever dream of, but man, that view!

    I mean you can’t buy that view! My wife and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary, while visiting Mykonos and the staff was kind enough to arrange for us a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach! Needless to say, the missus loved it and how could she not? Every morning we woke up to a dreamy view of the sea, with the sun kissing our faces.

    My favourite part of the day, was of course the sunset. We would chill by our own private pool and watch the sky turn into the most magical colours I’ve ever seen. It was truly breath-taking. You can’t even understand the true beauty of this place, unless you visit it for yourself.

    Overall, I have to say the experience was something I’ll hold on to for many years to come. Mykonos is really one of the most beautiful Greek islands I’ve visited and I loved the people and the vibes. Everything was exciting and colourful. The crystal clear blue waters and all the hidden beaches was the highlight of our holiday.

    Visit Mykonos ASAP and choose Mykonos Luxury villas for your stay. Trust me, you’ll be amazed!

  • 2I really enjoyed myself in Mykonos! It was my first time in Greece and a colleague/close friend of mine suggested that we go there for our summer holiday. I’ ve had a number of friends praise the Greek islands as the ultimate destination before and I couldn’t wait for my time to come!

    I packed my stuff, my wife and my two kids and we finally got there! The place we were staying was called Mykonos Luxury. I had seen the villa when we booked it, of course, but nothing came close to what we got! It was exactly like in the pictures! A deluxe private villa for our eyes only, with our own private pool and every last detail was already taken care of. Needless to say, the kids lost it when they saw the place and they jumped in the pool, pretty much instantly!

    It took me and my wife a minute to realize the paradise that was right in front of our eyes! The villa was directly looking at the sea and it was marvelous! You can’t really express the freedom and the calmness you feel once you’re there. The view was so intense, that it stayed in my mind. I remember every last detail, like it was yesterday. The Greek food was something we couldn’t get enough of and all the people were so welcoming and hospitable.

    Mykonos is really a fascinating destination, that’s well worth your time. We made some amazing memories there and we’re already talking about making summer in Greece a yearly thing. The accommodations are unbelievable and you feel like you’re a VIP member.

    Don’t miss your chance to have this once in a lifetime experience!

  • Vacation in Mykonos was divine! I really enjoyed my stay at Mykonos Luxury! 5-star villas with amazing view and breathtaking scenery! I booked my villa online and when I got there I was mesmerized! The accommodations were excellent and everything was wonderful!

    We had our own pool and we would take a dive first thing in the morning! Nothing compares to lounging around all day and then having a day full of activities planned. They gave us a chance to take a cruise on a private yacht and we got to explore the most beautiful beaches. The Greek sun and sea is something you just can’t get anywhere else!

    The people were so friendly and nice and the food was excellent! Mykonos is a magnificent island with such a cosmopolitan vibe! The little alleys full of shops and people were one of the most fascinating experiences! Nightlife is wild and there’s just so many different options for you there!

    I highly recommend visiting Mykonos and staying at one of the villas at Mykonos Luxury. Summer in Greece is something you definitely do not want to miss.

  • Olivia

    There are simply no words to express how wonderful everything was! The villa was beyond my wildest dreams! I stayed at an idyllic location, where I could watch the sunset and sunrise, every single day. There’s something truly magical about having all this place to yourself! Luxury was an understatement!

    Ideal accommodations, friendly and kind people and some of the most beautiful blue waters I’ve ever seen in my life! I’ve visited some Greek islands before, but it was my first time at Mykonos! I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed!

    Greek culture is all around you and the vibes are so inviting! There are tons of different stuff to do there! The food was excellent and I finally got to taste some of the famous dishes. I believe I’ll be back to Mykonos soon! If you are someone who likes luxurious living, with lots of different things to experience, then Mykonos is your ultimate summer destination.

    I just can’t get over this place! Definitely recommend it to everyone out there!

  • Camille

    Mykonos is amazing! We got there in July and stayed for 2 whole weeks! We rented a villa at Mykonos Luxury and boy oh boy, it was great! Such amazing accommodations! The villa was huge and had a private pool! I’ve never seen anything like it before! We were living like royalty! People were so nice and Greeks have a way with food!

    I mean it was non-stop eating and everything was delicious! The beaches are so exotic and full of life! We explored the island as much as we could, but I didn’t want to leave. If I could, I’d stay there for the whole summer! There’s nothing quite like the blue waters and the sun. So much to do there and so much to see!

    Amazing nightlife and amazing places for drinks. The cutest bars and restaurants. Can’t say I’ve had a single complaint the whole time I was there! Definitely going back next summer! You should check out all the whitewashed alleys, that are so crowded with people at night! The shops are open till very late at night and you get lost exploring this island!

    Everyone who wants a unique summer experience should visit Mykonos! C'est très bon!

  • Marco

    I have been twice in Greece and it was some of the best holidays of my life! I’ve always had a fascination with Greek culture and mythology! The first time I visited Corfu and this time I got to experience Mykonos.

    You hear all these great things and you don’t know what to make of it… But Mykonos was truly an experience! Mykonos Villas was divine and it felt like luxury at its best! Every single villa has a private pool and it’s like you’re living in a movie! Beautiful people everywhere and beautiful places! I had huge expectations and I wasn’t disappointed! Sea and beaches were amazing and I couldn’t get enough! There’s everything for everyone! Crowded beaches, full of people having fun and hidden ones, where few know and go!

    Either way, it’s amazing! Nightlife is so full of music, people and wonderful places! There’s beach bars overlooking the sea and I’ve had some amazing cocktails on the beach! You have to get there, to truly understand what I mean.

    Mykonos is a place that’s worth your time and it’s ideal for summer vacation! You’ll find yourself wanting more and more! At least that was my experience. I’m excited to visit this place again and make memories!