Why Mykonos is best enjoyed with friends

Mykonos is undoubtedly a unique experience which can be enhanced by sharing it with good friends. The most famous Greek island, seducing travelers from all over the world, is accompanied by an one of a kind atmosphere combining the mellow environment of an exotic island with plenty of group activities and events.

Mykonos nightlife and collectivity

During the last decades the traditional Cycladic island is gaining more attention by international event managers, hall of fame artists and DJ’s, increasing it ‘s popularity and taking advantage of the island’s promising infrastructure.

Thus, sharing the intensity of Mykonos’ nightlife with good friends empowers the positive vibe flowing out of such events and grouping. Taking part in big events is completely different experience when it is shared with best friends increasing it’s value.

Other than that, Mykonos provides the perfect circumstances for socializing and meeting both locals and wanderers, but why not take out the most of it by making a greater gathering? On top of this, Mykonos can also fulfill the concept of traditional recreational vacation as it is suitable for sharing quality moments with close friends, making it the absolute group experience but also a personal refreshing procedure.

Accommodation feeling like home

Though the island is providing a wide variety of accommodation facilities such as luxurious hotels and holiday apartments, visiting Mykonos with friends offers the opportunity of renting a private villa just for you and your friends/family. Staying in a villa with your special company helps in focusing on the group experience as it feels like living in a home environment. On the contrary of staying in a Mykonos hotel, villas offer a more relaxed environment with access to private facilities either if it is basic (such as a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, guest rooms etc) or more luxurious (such as private infinity pools, gyms, outdoor BBQ’s, Jacuzzis etc).

Privacy and discretion is ensured for you and your company but at the same time you are able to enjoy full hosting services (e.g. change of bed sheets, hygiene services and more). Living in a private property such as luxury villas, means personal interference with your host, coming closer with the locals and contributing to the element of living as a local. Villas are the key feature for blending the outgoing social lifestyle of Mykonos with mesmerizing private moments with friends during your stay. The captivating scenery of Mykonos is always better enjoyed in a friendly context along with your vacation gaining sentimental value.