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A private, personalised, effective, and confidential approach to Concierge Services is who we are here at

ML Conciergerie is a sophisticated concierge department within our company Mykonos Luxury, based in Mykonos, Greece.  Mykonos is home to some of the most exclusive luxury brands globally, well-known for its high-ranking in the world’s top destinations, and being the epicentre of many international leisure chains, clubs, and restaurants.

The innovative ML Conciergerie was established in 2017 and was founded by the Head Concierge Chris Pikoulas, with enthusiasm and passion for higher luxury concierge management. The team consists of enthusiastic members who embrace unique, unequalled skills and in-depth knowledge of the island and its “secrets”.  We have   created a truly unique Conciergerie that can meet any demands of any guest and yet remains personal and explicit!

Mykonos Luxury (ML) has been awarded by experts in the category of Premium Websites, for 2018. The company has established an excellent reputation throughout the years by building long-standing relationships with partners around the globe and VIP clients, by giving the entry required to the most unique and exclusive places available.

We offer magnificent services to clients, private and corporate businesses, international organizations, Royal families, and various governments. We are confident in managing our guests’ personalized requests at the highest level with top secrecy and confidentiality.

Our luxury villas have been meticulously selected as oases of elegance, luxury, and tranquillity. Stay in the home of your dreams, with the added benefit of five-star services throughout your getaway.

ML’s guests experience exquisitely the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Our selection of villas, yachts and cars make the holiday experience a lavish getaway whatever the vacation is about.

Our vision and philosophy focus on essential needs while embracing variation, originality, and suppleness to offer the best services ever. We share our expertise and knowledge with nothing but passion. Our present and potential clients enjoy the full spectrum of our pioneering dashboard, which has been diligently developing over the last few years.

The key to our success is a professional and customised approach to partners and clients. The team cherishes gentleness, knowledge, responsiveness, and sincerity, through which we have successfully created the company’s recognized identity. Our sole intention is to deliver the best and to build loyalty and infinite possibilities. Our competent team promises tailor-made services, exclusivity, readiness, and clarity while guests sit back, unwind, and enjoy the best unique island of Mykonos, the “Diva” of the Aegean.

ML Concierge takes pleasure and honour in offering a full spectrum of services besides Conciergerie such as luxury villas, party villas, supercars, brand new luxury yachts, land, sea and air VIP transfers, event planning, spa and wellness.

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