Mykonos is ideal for smart family vacations

If you choose a smart vacation.

What is a smart villa, really

Travelling long distances with children can be hectic.  

Airplane time seems endless to children and no “carrot” can calm them down.  Especially Americans that travel to Europe and face the endless transatlantic flights and the day after jetlag, do have a huge predicament.  But dear parents, there is a way to throw the hot potato from your hands!  That way is simply assigning your holiday to the experts!

You see, time is so relevant once you arrive to this magical island… 

Enter your “smart” Mercedes Vito fully airconditioned transfer van, ignore all luggage as the co-driver is “on it”, drink your chilled Evian still or sparkling water on the side of each of the doors, allow the kids to eat the fresh -well washed & rinsed- fruit from the hanging basket at the back seat, ask them to unwrap as many gifts as they can from the dozens of little wrapped presents in the other hanging basket at the back seat (yes, yes we do that!) so that they can be kept occupied for those last 10 minutes before they finally dive into the swimming pool and forget about you for a couple of hours– at last!

Your “smart” holiday has just started.  You are heading to your “smart” villa!   

Going on summer holidays with your family requires a huge amount of comfort, relaxation with quality time, and flexibility. Mykonos -believe it or not- can be a smart destination that meets those standards, especially if you organise the trip with a local “smart” luxury agency!

First goal is relaxation. Choosing a smart vacation home means arriving at your villa and having all the necessary foods and beverages pre-stocked.  “Smart” is entering a villa with the kitchen cupboards filled with your favourite snacks and food and with all kinds of fruit, cheese, butter, ham, eggs, milk, juices, wines, and everything else you will need, laying at the fridge shelves.  We do that for you!

Choosing a Mykonos villa along with a certified nanny will guarantee the parents relaxation and the time they owe to themselves to rest and be intimate.  You will enjoy magnificent walks down-town Mykonos, meals at well-known restaurants, drinks at the famous Little Venice local summer bars while your children are asleep in their cool bedrooms under the watchful eye of the nanny. We do that for you! 

Pre-book the best “smart” chaises longues in that very front row, at the beach of your choice, every day, and have the kids playing under the hot sun wearing the 60+ SPF lotions while you lie under the hip palm umbrellas being served snacks and drinks.  Let mum finally read her book!  We can book you that umbrella!

Visit the island and go on a family safari on a rented four-door wrangler jeep and let our guide show you the private face of this island.  Have a family picnic on the highest spot of Mykonos with spectacular views sitting on an oriental carpet set up by us and eat a surprise Greek lunch waiting for you at a secret spot that only our guide knows. We do that for you! 

Start every day of your smart vacation, waking up in your own villa to a champagne buffet breakfast, with your family, under the care and supervision of our private chef and his trained team.  Choose beforehand your favourite menus and enjoy the mornings at your swimming pool while our housekeeping team turns the villa around on the time that you prefer them to do.  We do that!

Charter a luxury yacht for a daily family cruise and visit the archaeological foot Museum on Delos Island (under the UNESCO umbrella) giving your kids something valuable to remember.  Eat fresh fish onboard and rent high-end smart water toys like a SUP or a sea bob and post at Instagram whilst into the Aegean water.  We do that!

Call us for anything you might dream, whether smart or not, we can respond to your needs while you truly rest and create everlasting memories at an island which is a must-go-to-in-a-lifetime!  We do that!

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