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Mykonos is a novelty itself!  Innovation, variation, adaptation, originality, revolution in modern recreation and culinary experiences for the few -this is what Mykonos is about. The never-ending story of chic, high aesthetics, luxury, and style.  The chosen island which in a genius way keeps reintroducing itself every season.  The two Covid summers didn’t stop the island from bringing in new trends, welcoming DJs and Chefs from around the globe, introducing the hippest concepts in partying and leading the way amongst the five top world’s destinations.  This year, Mykonos is preparing for a hurricane of global visitors and VIP guests which keep booking the front rows of beach bars, the next-to-the-DJ tables, and the luxury villas that Mykonos is abundant with.

Mykonos Town remains the heart of beauty and is always trendy. Just walking around the labyrinth streets is alone a thing to do! 

This year, trace the following “musts” highly suggested by the Mykonos Luxury Concierge Specialists.

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Cerecio7 @Mykonos Town
“Dining ala Milanese”

Building upon the success and experience of 8 years of Milanese glamour, Ceresio7 arrives in Mykonos in partnership with John and Gregory Gofas. In the centre of town, a new creative and aesthetic concept by Dean and Dan Caten and Storageassociati is developed in a historic building that perfectly embodies the island’s traditional style.

A vision that permeates the spaces in all its aspects, from architecture to layout, from interior design to decoration. The project doesn’t upend the building’s original ethos but rather melds it with Italian elegance by juxtaposing new elements and visions onto the original structure, elements that are a call back to the dolce vita, to the rational yet chic modernism of the ‘50s and to the polite revolution embodied by Gio Ponti. Ceresio7 Mykonos is a fascinating location that offers both relax and leisure from happy hour to after dinner, combining quality and conviviality, for those who love the island, fine dining, and design.


#Restaurant in Mykonos

Pacha Beach @Ftelia
“Be a Sultan”

Ftelia beach over the years has created a flawless party recipe with careful design and decoration, best sound and lighting, superstar DJs and artists such as David Guetta, Solomun, Calvin Harris and many more, amazing live performances and a wonderful clientele. All this, well mixed and sprinkled with the secret ingredients of the emblematic Pacha brand, the two cherries, compose the companies under the umbrella of this group, which, having conquered the nightlife in Ibiza.

“I want our customers to always have this idea and never be disappointed. What has been created in Ibiza can be transferred to other parts of the world. “This magic from here can be transported anywhere on the planet.” Nick Maccamp CEO Pacha group.

#Restaurant in Mykonos

Billionaires club @Mykonos Town
“Do it like the extremely rich”

Billionaire club of Flavio Briatore who a few weeks ago celebrated the signing of the new venture and the collaboration with his friend Zannis Francesco in or a breath from Chora.


#Restaurant in Mykonos

Bagatelle @Mykonos Town 
“Wild Champagne Spraying Parties”

The internationally renowned restaurant “Bagatelle” opens its new doors in the Island of the Winds this Summer Season 2022, creating the most expensive garden in Greece. In an idyllic spot in Mykonos Town, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the unique sunset of Delos, French investors are creating a lush paradise of affordable luxury, a pole of attraction for the rich and famous. 

Enter Bagatelle Mykonos via a discrete archway to discover an opulent botanical courtyard and an amphitheatre style restaurant – with tiered terraces and views overlooking the sea. 
Designed by renowned Italian designer Fabrizio Casiraghi – expect lavish decor to enjoy plates of authentic French Mediterranean fare such as crispy octopus roasted with apricot and lavender and Cycladic lamb chops served with mint pesto.
It will serve one thousand people, including three hundred seated at the beach and dock mooring the speedboats that will approach the “Bagatelle” by sea. Showcasing the ‘joie de vivre’ which the brand is well known for, as they are there for their wild Champagne-spraying parties.

#Restaurant in Mykonos

La Cantine du Faubourg (Ornos)
“Do it the French way”

Elegant as it is, it embraces with discreet luxury the main restaurant next to the pool with a Mediterranean creative cuisine, while it channels the progressive and glamorous look and feel of the renowned La Cantine du Faubourg of Dubai, famous for its Parisienne cuisine and top-class clientele.

La cantine du Faubourg

Call us for anything you might dream we can respond to your needs while you truly rest and create everlasting memories at an island which is a must-go-to-in-a-lifetime!  We do that!

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