Mykonos Luxury Villas Q & A

Clean. Cool. Calm.

You are dreaming of your holidays in Mykonos, but wonder when coronavirus crisis will be over?
You are traveling online trying to discover the most magnificent place to stay that awaits you,
once this health crisis is behind us?
Here’s a useful Q&A to help you plan your next holidays, in the era of covid-19.

Is it safe to travel to Greece and Mykonos?

There are no longer any “coronavirus free” countries in Europe. The most affected destinations in Europe are, Italy- Venice, Milan, Bergamo, Rome, Florence, Turin, France – Amiens, Bordeaux, Oise, Morbihan, Montpellier, Germany- Berlin and the region of Bavaria, and Spain. Greece although is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is amongst the least afflicted, according to the Public Health agency latest data
In particular, Mykonos island, has reported zero covid-19 cases up to now!

Should I book a cruise, a hotel or a villa?

Large number of people in confined spaces on cruise ships make onboard tourists prone to infectious diseases, such as the coronavirus. As a precaution, experts suggest that cruises where proximity is permanent and constant, should be avoided for the time being. Also, as a security measure, savvy travelers may consider avoiding large hotel complexes and prefer to book a luxury villa. Mykonos Luxury has dozen of secluded, private seaside Mykonian villas, for every taste. Guests have the entire villa and its private pool just for them and their friends. Mykonos Luxury villas are Clean, Cool, Calm.

When should I travel?

We know that people love to travel, and want them all to come in Mykonos, but only when the time is right. Instead of traveling right now, we suggest this is the time to plan your vacation in Mykonos.
We encourage visitors to get a villa short list, choosing from Mykonos Luxury portfolio and come up with the luxury rental of their dreams, when we come out of the immediate crisis.

Which are the hygiene measures Mykonos Luxury is taken to minimize the risk of contagion?

The more we all follow the rules, hopefully the sooner the Coronavirus will pass. From our side, we have been following consistently the government officials’ recommendations. Daily sanitary and hygienic measures have been implemented for villas cleaning anddisinfection, and we have implemented contactless check-in and -out process. We’re also meticulously airing, cleaning and disinfecting all our villas, while hand sanitizers have been placed around our properties and our cleaning staff obligingly uses gloves and masks. Also, all linen is washed by a machine operated laundry and individually wrapped. In these strange times with travel and restrictions in every country around the world coming intoplace, our main concern is with you. Wherever you are right now, we hope you are safe and following the guidelines being set out by your local government.