If you feel like having some fun or if you want to feel the adrenalin in your veins, you can choose from a variety of activities in Mykonos watersports. Thousands of people have lived the unique experience that offers the combination of action and fun into the water.
It doesn’t matter if you have never done it before. Our friendly, qualified, well trained and experienced personnel will show you all you need to know. Certified instructions are given for beginners to pro by our experienced professional trainers, while you can choose from a full range of up to date equipment. We maintain all of our gear on a regular basis to ensure you have a quality experience. We provide all specialist equipment – all you need to bring along is your swimwear and plenty of enthusiasm.

“Live your life to the fullest and focus on the positive”


Pick one of our many jet bikes and taste the fun! Our specially trained and experienced personnel will teach you how to operate this craft and will inform you of the required safety procedures. Once you get a really good grasp of things (remember, practice makes perfect), take off and test your limits!


The Flyboard intuitive use provides exceptional sensations from the first utilization. After few minutes, you can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge the gravity like a superman!


Our specialty for all ages and levels of competence. Learn with our professional instructors or simply do… your own thing.


For extreme Sports Lovers. Stay on the Rings (if you can), challenge your friends and live on the edge.


Ride the sofa with your friends or family and share the fun. It is safe and suitable for all!