Mykonos Day Cruise

What’s your pleasure? Choose your itinerary and set off to explore Mykonos from a totally different perspective.

Itinerary 1 – The beach lovers – South Coast of Mykonos & Dragonisi island

This is a fabulous itinerary for beach lovers looking for a day charter! Enjoy your privacy, chartering a private yacht at secluded private beaches & bays. Do not miss the chance to feel the vibes of the vivid Mykonian beaches. You will see a whole new angle of Mykonos, one that you would have never guessed existed. Starting from Ornos Beach, you will head for the famous southern beaches of Mykonos, Paranga, Paradise, Super Paradise, where the most popular beach bars are located. Tempting isn’t it? Then go for it!


After the stop, we head off towards the uninhabited isle of Dragonisi, reachable only by private yacht. Dragonisi is a protected nature reserve and a haven for the monachus-monachus seal. There we stop off to enjoy a swim at one of the most unique and beautiful beaches of this isle. Snorkeling gear and sea scooters are provided for those who are interested in exploring the beautiful underwater environment.

On the way back, you will stop at Agrari Beach for more swimming and snorkeling in the blue sea or for water sports for the more athletic. Your trip ends at Ornos beach. One of the major advantages of this itinerary is that it is not affected by weather conditions as the yacht cruises close to the coast. Mykonos yachting is simply an experience you must have!

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Itinerary 2 – Blue waters & Greek Mythology – Delos & Rhenia Islands 

Take a trip into the past! A travel back in time in history and Greek mythology. In ancient Greek language ” Delos” means clear, brought to light, obvious. Greek mythology tells the legend of how the island of Delos appeared suddenly amidst the waves of the sea when Leto was looking for a safe place to give birth to her twins Apollo and Artemis.

You will approach Delos to get a complete view of its monuments and archaeological remains. If you wish, we can stop at its picturesque small port where you can visit the archaeological museum and enjoy a trip to ancient Greece.


Moving on, you will head towards Rhenia Island, whose history is closely related to that of Delos Island. You will be able to stop for a swim and to snorkel in turquoise waters, unique in their beauty, away from the busy crowds of Mykonos Island. Mykonos yachting is a once in a lifetime precious experience, that you’ll be remembering for years to come.

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Itinerary 3  – The romantic – Sunset & Nightfall Cruise In Little Venice

For romantic and eternal lovers, you can’t miss this chartering cruise! Setting sail at 17:00 from Mykonos old port, you will take a tour around Mykonos town towards Little Venice and its famous windmills, right before sunset. Just be ready appreciate the picturesque view. Don’t forget to have your camera handy!

Wake up your senses and enjoy the spectacular atmosphere! While at Little Venice, with its trademark windmills, in the background, you can feel the magic of the moment as the sun slowly fades away giving way to the upcoming aura of Mykonos’s fantastic nightlife.


Keep in mind, if weather conditions are not in our favour we may as well enjoy a nightfall cruise at the south coast of Mykonos. The scenery will be equally breathtaking and the experience will remain one-of-a-kind. Either way, chartering a yacht is a breathtaking experience, guaranteed to have you coming back for more.


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Itinerary 4  – Amazing waters in Antiparos & Paros

This itinerary is only a full day charter due to miles distance. Setting sail at 10:30 from Kalo Livadi Mykonos, you will take a cruise to Antiparos. Amazing crystal waters, remote beach with wonderful transparent turquoise colors compose the perfect spot for snorkeling.

The beautiful picturesque fishing village of Naousa is located in a huge bay in the northern part of Paros. Is considered to be one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades because it has managed to keep its authenticity and traditional character.


Santa Maria, a wide expanse of golden sand and despite being one of the most popular beaches on the island due to its size, it never seems to get too crowded, even during the summer months.


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Itinerary 5  – Small Cyclades – Ano Koufonissi, Kato Koufonissi, Schinoussa & Heraklia

This itinerary is only for a full day charter due to miles distances.Setting sail at 10:30 from Kalo Livadi Mykonos, you will take a tour around Cyclades with first stop at Ano Koufonissi. This tiny island stunning natural beauty, positive energy and authentic aura remain intact.

Kato Koufonissi offers ideal occasions to enjoy windless coasts with golden sand and bright aquamarine waters, small natural swimming-pools, small sea caves and abundant fresh fish and seafood.

Schinoussa and Heraklia provides to you a flavour from the magic immense light blue, relaxation, swimming and diving in marvellous sea bottoms.

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Itinerary 6  – Beautiful island Tinos – Koumelas – Panormos – Kolibithra

This itinerary is only for a full day charter due to miles distances.Setting sail at 10:30 from Kalo Livadi Mykonos, you will take a tour around Cyclades with first stop at Tinos Port.Tinos, the island of faith and miracles.  Unparalleled island with picturesque villages and pristine beaches.

At Koumela we enjoy the natural marble scenery while swimming or relaxing aboard.


Panormos is a beautiful fishing village on the north of the island which has a picturesque natural port and fish restaurants by the sea. It is the haven of Pyrgos and one of the most beautiful destinations in Tinos.


Kolibithra bay has two beaches. Mikri Ammos, is sandy, with deep waters and m0re narrow part of the marine basin . Megali Ammos, much longer and wider is also sandy, with deep waters and underwater currents.


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Itinerary 7  – A wonderful trip to  Santorini

Paros is our first stop on our way to Santorini. Santa Maria golden sand beach is the perfect spot for a swim on our way to Santorini.

Ios second trip stop! One hour before we arrive to Santorini, we make our 2nd trip stop for a quick dive in the transparent waters. An amazing secluded spot as a best kept secret.


Oia is the most famous village of Santorini with the fantastic sunset. An optional last trip stop before we start oiu trip back to Mykonos. Thirassia is a 10-minutes cruise to Santorini. The absolute and most relaxing destination for numerous celebrities around the globe.

Some happy moments of our experiences

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Beaches Info:

Agios Ioannis Beach: Situated on the southwest coast of the island, Agios Ioannis is a fully organized, wind-protected beach, ideal for families or incognito VIPs. It is one of the best places to be when the sun is going down, having right in front of you the island of Delos.
Ornos Beach: Located at the southwest corner of Mykonos, Ornos beach is the perfect family beach. It is extended and sandy, offering a full – scale of facilities that one could ask for.
Psarrou Beach: Fully organized, Psarou beach offers glamor and prestige. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters, umbrellas and sunbeds. Be ready to live a VIP experience and be prepare to party, as any time or any occasion can be a good excuse for celebration at Psarou beach.
Paranga Beach: Paranga beach is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos, originally famous by the hippie generation back in the 70’s. A sandy beach, with crystal clear water. The relaxation gives way to the party atmosphere as the day fades away, and the music is set loud at the beach bars.
Paradise Beach: This beautiful beach is primarily a destination for the young people. If you are thinking of a wild beach party with the music set out loud, then you are the right place. The party never ends! The beach itself is a nice sandy beach.
Super Paradise Beach: Enjoy your day swimming in the crystalline waters and lay back and absorb as much sun as you can at the amazing sandy beach of Super Paradise. Be prepared as the evening party will start and the multicultural, trendy, gay and celebrity crowds will dance to the rhythm set by the DJs’ of the many bars and clubs located at this beach.
Agrari Beach: Agrari beach has remained one of the quietest beaches of Mykonos. One can find shelter here away from the busy crowds. At this rubble sand beach, do not miss the chance to do some water sports, as people from “WaterAction” will treat you the best.
Elia Beach: Elia beach is one of the prettiest beaches of Mykonos while being the longest sandy beach. It is a meeting point for cosmopolitans, inviting a mixed crowd and it is fully organized.
Kalo Livadi Beach: Kalo Livadi is one of the longest sandy beaches of Mykonos. It owns its name, which in Greek means “good valley”, at its location, at the further end of a long valley. The vast beauty of the exotic waters and the idyllic setting mark the landscape of this beach.
Agia Anna: Agia Anna is a small hidden beach of low profile with clear blue-green water. It is an alternative to the crowded southern beaches, rather protected from the strong winds and offering a slice of real fishermen’s life.
Kalafatis Beach: Kalafatis is the meeting point for the lovers of the windsurfing.
Lia Beach: Located at the southeastern edge of Mykonos, it is a sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters. It is the perfect place to be if you want to get away from the crowd, as it is considered one of the quietest beaches for Mykonos’ standards.
Frangia Beach: Located at the further end of Mykonos, Frangia beach is the ideal choice if you want to stay