Group of luxury enthusiasts, continuously working to improve our clients’ experiences.
We speak five languages, but are also fluent in customer loyalty, luxury lifestyle and providing excellent, personally tailored concierge services. True experts, so to speak!
We know that luxury cannot be expensive, since you cannot put a price on lifestyle! We also know that our clients lead busy lives, which motivates us to make their Mykonos experience unforgettable and stress-free!
Our team works unconditionally to give you the vacation you deserve. We have local blood flowing through our veins, making sure that you are getting first-class tips and services. Who to make your vacation special if not the people that know every corner of this island!
We live Mykonos, we feel Mykonos, and want to share this charming island with you!


Our loving clients are the only reason we exist! That is exactly the reason why we work so hard to create memorable experiences for you. With over 10 years of experience in the sphere, we offer a plethora of activities for you to do – just name them!
Our team can make sure that you get the best experience there is if you just let us do what we do best!
If you want a romantic sunset dinner with your significant other – you got it!
You want to explore Mykonos? You got it! Our team will arrange a totally different perspective of the island for you, as you will cruise around the island and discover hidden sights, magnificent bays and eye-dropping sunsets!
Are you in for some bar hopping? We will hook you up with some of the best clubs, respective to your wishes! We know where the best DJs are spinning, so once again – leave it to the professionals!
We even offer Safari trips to show you the other side of the island and make you rest from all the luxury! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!
We have invested ourselves into offering the best luxury villas this island can offer. With special attention to details, we are sure to provide you with the perfect temporary settlment. From architecture plans to interior design, our villas satisfy every need in a very cozy, delightful way. The villas we have will gift you the ultimate experience you deserve!
Transportation is often a key factor to your experience. The vehicle you drive describes your character, style, as it makes sure your dopamine level is at its finest. Renting a car with us means choosing among more than 20 explicit, horsepower-pumped beauties, to take you to the beautiful sunsets and memory creating places.
Besides, we offer luxury shuttles, that also have the best and most exciting directions on their radar.
Choosing to use our concierge services means not lifting a finger! Unless you want to, of course. We will take care of you and make sure you enjoy every part of the day. Our team will book you the dinner reservation you want, organize a massage appointment, but all in all, making your stay enjoyable and open to hear your wishes!


Michaela Koumoullis

Managing Director

Chris Pikoulas

Operations Director

Nefeli Georgiou

Sales Director

John Karamitros

Cars & Transportation Director

Bassem Michael Jumean

Drivers Manager


Back office - Administration Manager


Website Admin


Advertising Manager