Travel Agent

Travel agent & concierge

At Mykonos Luxury, our sole focus is creating memorable holidays for hundreds of holidaymakers, from around the globe and our win-win partnerships help us accomplish this: tour operators, travel agencies and concierges worldwide, have been cooperating successfully with us, over the past decade.

Since we know the island like the back of our hand, we are confident we can respond to all kinds of our partners’ requests, regardless of how complicated these are: a Villa in an isolated part of the island, need for property or personal security services, private jets and helicopters charter, undercover arrivals, live-in-Villa maids and personal chefs are some among many inquiries we have responded efficiently.

Take a look at the top reasons to choose partnering with us:

  • 1. Premium Experience: we’re intimately intertwined with Mykonos hospitality industry, with over 15 years of experience, which allows us to offer the guests you send our way the very best treatment!
  • 2. Top Quality services: we provide you top quality, problem-free services in full confidentiality and high assignment fees, making sure that your guests will have the high-quality customer service they can expect.
  • 3. Flexible Pricing: we offer various unique compensation options for your company to choose from. And of course, we always keep you on top of referral or commission payments!
  • 4. Team of Experts: Our team is a group of experts in Mykonos hospitality industry. When you partner with Mykonos Luxury, you connect to a unique, expert and trusted property management company.

Assign us any case! We will pay attention to what you need, make sure we’re giving enough in return, and keep the lines of communication open.