When you think of Mykonos do you only think of the luxurious lifestyle and cosmopolitan clubs? Prepare to discover a totally different side of the island! Natural beaches, sand roads and breathtaking landscapes – experience them all in a thrilling safari.

Are you vacationing in Mykonos and in the mood for an off-road adventure? Discover the beauty and experience the thrills of the island in a unique safari experience. Tailored to your own needs and desires and guided by our experienced stuff, it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

The safari begins!

Choose between an ATV and a Buggie for your ride. Our experienced group leader, riding his ATV, will guide you through the wild landscapes of Mykonos. A Wrangler Jeep will accompany you, there to provide you with first aid kits and beverages. From the meeting point we depart towards the beautiful, natural sandy beach of Ftelia and from there we ride through mysterious roads, all leading to one of the most exciting and thrilling spots of the island. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline ride, an extraordinary experience like no other!

Our luxurious Mercedes-Benz Vito van will pick you up and drive you to the meeting point, where our experienced stuff and adventure-ready vehicles await.

Some happy moments of our experiences


Mercedes Vito

This luxurious van will take you to the starting point of the safari, providing a comfortable and relaxed ride.


Also known as a quad, the vehicle combines the thrill of riding a motorcycle, with the extra stability of a four wheeled vehicle.


This two-person vehicle, with its powerful design and strong wheels, will enhance your experience and pump your adrenaline!

Jeep Wrangler

A brand that is synonymous with off-road adventures.