HACT Ambassador Promoting Aegean Islands and Luxury travel Greece

The Event

HACT Ambassador, Mr. Kostas Skagias, partly responsible for the positive exposure of Greek Tourism and more specifically tourism in Mykonos, has continued to promote Greek hospitality through various activities. Through his extensive efforts, he has influenced the international public opinion regarding Cycladic Tourism and Holiday in Mykonos.

One of the most recent activities that promoted Mr. Skagias’ efforts was his interview to Christine Van Blokland, host of the Curious Traveller show and Mickela Mallozzi, host of the Bare Feet show from the American public television channel, Create TV (both Emmy-winning journalists). Create TV is an American public TV channel, delivering lifestyle programming (as travel, cooking, home improvement, gardening, arts, and crafts, etc.), reaching 46 million viewers nationwide. In their shows, Christine Van Blokland explores the hidden history’s in each location’s art, architecture, museums, monuments, houses of worship and city parks and Mickela Mallozzi explores the traditional side of cultures while connecting with the locals through celebration and artistic expression.


During his interview, Mr. Skagias emphasized on the Aegean islands’ picturesqueness and traditional style as well as on the authenticity of the way of life, of architecture and of Greek traditional cuisine, that remains alive and unchanged through time.

For promoting further, the Aegean islands and Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism members, the two journalists were invited to visit Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete this year. Christine Van Blokland and Mickela Mallozzi will be visiting for 12 days in total the Aegean islands, staying 3 days in each destination.

Hellenic Seaways will be sponsoring their sea transportation. Radisson Blu Beach Resort hotel in Milatos and Oceanos Hotels Group in Chania will provide accommodation to the American journalists during their visit to Crete.

About Mykonos tourism

It is important to add one more remarkable activity of the ambassador, which took place during his visit to New York, in one more effort to support the industry of tourism in Mykonos. Mr. Skagias had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Alexander (President of Crown Peters travel service) about this summer seasons demand for luxury travel to Greece (such as luxury accommodation and yacht holidays) and to commend the high quality and luxury services that Greek hospitality industry provide, focusing on the Aegean islands and the Americans favored destinations of Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete.

Crown Peters travel service is one of the pioneers of the industry in the United States, specialized in luxury travel packages in Greece and the Mediterranean. Its name is synonymous with superior packages and service for providing an unforgettable experience in Greece and the Mediterranean.

People like Mr. Skagias are essential in the welfare of the Greek tourism industry and it is very important to applaud and support incentives and people like these so that Greek hospitality maintains its quality and development.

*The aim of the Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism is to attract high-income US tourists and major corporate events in Greece, promoting especially Aegean islands and the premium members of the Chamber.

Why Greece is better on a yacht

What’s your idea of the perfect beach? Green-blue water and white sand? Beach bars and water sports? Framed by rocks for snorkeling and scuba diving? A secret Aegean cove accessible only on foot or by boat? No matter what your idea is, you’ll find it in the Cyclades.

What is the best place to stay? Of course, a Yacht where you can visit every day a different Beautiful place!


The most famous islands in the Aegean Sea involves the absolute most lovely islands on the planet! Lovely sandy beaches, cute houses in white and blue, a Traditional way of life, bouzouki music, warm, friendly hospitable people and whitewashed scenes will make a trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. The name “Cyclades” alludes to the islands framing a circle (the name in English signifies: “roundabout islands”) around the sacred island of Delos. As indicated by the Greek mythology, Poseidon, God of the ocean, angry at the Cyclades Nymphs transformed them into islands.A huge number of visitors come to the Cyclades every year to appreciate the sunlight and the crystal blue waters, in the journey of finding the heaven on earth.

The Superstars


One of the most famous destinations worldwide and a favorite holiday spot of the world’s jet set, Mykonos, is extremely beautiful and well known for the amazing sandy beaches, the white country chapels (more than 2000 chapels!), its bare hills and the Cycladic architecture. The last 10 years Many new villas have voted as the best villas of the world.


The birthplace of Apollo and Artemis used to be a religious center for the whole of Greece in the ancient times, as well as the principal trading port in the Eastern Mediterranean during the roman times. Delos is desolated today and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, receiving large numbers of visitors who flock to admire remarkable monuments and impressive mosaics. Near Delos, you ‘ll find Rhinia where an amazing crystal blue beach is the center of attention.

Delos and Rhine have easy access from Mykonos (about 15 minutes by boat) and it’s the most visited uninhabited islands in Greece. You can rent a yacht or rib for your group or family to explore Delos & Rhinia on a daily trip.


The precious jewel of the Aegean is actually a group of islands (Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni) surrounding a inactivated volcano. You ‘ll be amazed by Red & black sand beaches and the amazing sunset view from Thira. Santorini is about 25 minutes by helicopter which many people use to visit, see the sunset and come back from Mykonos or any other island of Cyclades.


A standout amongst the most charming yet less known islands of the Cyclades, Tinos is the religious focus of the nation on account of the congregation of Panayia Megalohari (the Blessed Virgin Mary). Visitors from everywhere come here to satisfy their vows and to look for otherworldly solace.


Andros is the northernmost island of Cyclades with an incredible maritime tradition and postcard landscape.


A paradise of primeval beauty and “exotic” beaches washed by crystal clear cool waters, according to Greek Mythology Anafi, has emerged from the bottom of the Aegean sea to give shelter to the Argonauts.


This small island, the favorite place for college students and families where mix together to celebrate Greek summer. It is said to have been the birthplace of Homer’s mother and the place of his own tomb.


A typical Cycladic island, located between Íos and Folegandros with terraces, low stone fences and numerous country chapels dotting a scenery bathed in the wonderful green and blue waters of the Aegean.


Remaining untouched by the growth of the tourist industry offers full relaxation in a typical Cycladic landscape.


A typical Cycladic island with white villages, quiet harbors, golden beaches, bare hills and beautiful landscapes. The tourism growth has not affected the island’s nature and traditional features.


A Tiny and extremely beautiful island lies in the western part of the Cyclades, it is famous for its fantastic beaches, ranging from thin sand to pebbles.


Paros located at the heart of Cyclades, one of the most beloved holiday destinations is Greece offers matchless natural beauty, beaches of crystal clear waters and amazing nightlife.


The islet of Antiparos, lying southwest of Paros, is ideal for a relaxed and serene holiday and can easily be reached from Punda or Parikia by boat (about 10 minutes).


Sifnos with a rich custom in ceramics and gastronomy will definitely turn a holiday into an unforgettable experience Due to amazing taverns and the stunning beaches.


The greenest & biggest island in the Cyclades with high mountains, fertile valleys, stunning seascapes and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops, where the locals still wear their traditional dress and live off the fruits of the land! You ll be amazed from beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles harmoniously coexisting with Cycladic white houses…


The weird shapes of the rocks and their wonderful colors at the beautiful white sandy beaches have endowed this island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes, consequently offering the visitor a wide range of activities.

Sxinousa, Koufonisia, Donousa

Sxinousa is a tiny island with three villages (Hora, Mesaria and Mersini) Ideal to those who seeking to relax, good seafood and beach life.
Koufonisia is a small group of two islands, Pano Koufonìsi (Upper Koufonìsi) and Kato Koufonìsi (Lower Koufonìsi), that are separated by a narrow strait. Pano Koufonìsi is inhabited, with a land area of 5.5 Km and a population of 350 locals.
Donousa, has a land area of 13.5 sq. km and numerous coves some of which hide magnificent sandy beaches.

What do you think? Is it worth to Charter a Yacht and explore this amazing part of the world?

So Many Things to Do on Mykonos

Can’t Get Bored on Mykonos

If you feel bored or uninspired while on Mykonos, then either you picked the wrong destination for your state of mind or you are not well-informed. Anyone looking for more will quickly discover that Mykonos has the right combination of what it takes to charm its visitors and keep them coming back to indulge on the island.

Obviously, the notable attractions on Mykonos are the beaches, where you can sunbathe, relax, snorkel — even party until sunrise.

Fortunately enough, this whimsical island is a real vacation playground with lots of intriguing activities that exceed the expectations of visitors.

Keep Calm and Discover Mykonos

There are tons of things to do and see on the island. Partying and sunbathing, though typical, are just two of the countless reasons to go to Mykonos for a good time. In reality, Mykonos is the kind of island where boredom is rare, almost a superficial idea.

So, if you want to do more than party your heart out, you may want to also…

Swim in turquoise waters
Go horse riding (on the beach)
Go on a tour or an excursion
Do water sports-including windsurfing and kite surfing
Explore the main town, Chora (on foot, of course)

Go shopping

Go to an open-air cinema

Participate in a workshop (culinary, for example)

Go wine tasting (most probably on Santorini island, not far from Mykonos)

Organise a special event (like a wedding, bachelor(ette) party, birthday etc.)

And so much more…

You have been informed. Try not to limit the scope of your vacation when you visit Mykonos. New activities and events are always coming up, including this summer, 2017. Stay tuned and be in the loop!

Private Catering Mykonos

Mykonos avant-garde Catering Service

Looking to have a fine-dining experience while on Mykonos? Our new food concept services on the island offering quality food concepts and ready to respond to the special needs of each customer.

The food concepts cater events of all sorts including house dinner parties, yacht parties, cocktail dinners, beach BBQ dinners and parties, seated gala dinners, wedding ceremonies and anything that might be scheduled or ad hoc.

The Mykonos Story!

We walking off the beaten path and introducing food concepts based mostly on live cooking on the spot in front of customers and their guests. There are many concepts to choose from.

Bento Food Box

Invite guests to your yacht or sailing boat and enjoy the lavish Bento Food boxes that will definitely impress your guests.

Teppanyaki Concept

Teppanyaki Japanese style cuisine uses an iron griddle to cook food and gather friends and family together. It is a live cooking concept where all dishes are prepared in front of the guest by a professional teppanyaki chef.

The tempura bar concept

A live cooking concept for any group of 12 people and more that can be prepared in front of you and your guest in any chosen place such us your house, a beach front, an outdoor swimming pool area, anywhere you choose.

SUSHI Bar Concept

Greek family style

Celebrate any special occasion or just a casual dinner with friends & family just like the Greeks do… with a feast of delicious dishes shared by all guests. Rejoice with quality food and feel the Greek spirit of sharing a good meal with your loved ones.

Whatever your taste, we will grant you your wish.