Mykonos is ideal for smart family vacations

If you choose a smart vacation. What is a smart villa, really Travelling long distances with children can be hectic.   Airplane time seems endless to children and no “carrot” can calm them down.  Especially Americans that travel to Europe and face the endless transatlantic flights and the day after jetlag, do have a hugeRead more ⟶

Mykonos has reopened to travelers I Here’s who can visit Greece right now

The country is now welcoming tourists from the EU, UK and around a dozen other countries around the world Updated: Thursday 1 April 2021, 11:58 am Mykonos is one of the top world’s destinations.  Renting a villa on the island of Mykonos has always been the best choice for a great vacation, for the ideal wayRead more ⟶

HACT Ambassador Promoting Aegean Islands and Luxury travel Greece

The Event One of the most recent activities that promoted Mr. Skagias’ efforts was his interview to Christine Van Blokland, host of the Curious Traveller show and Mickela Mallozzi, host of the Bare Feet show from the American public television channel, Create TV (both Emmy-winning journalists). Create TV is an American public TV channel, deliveringRead more ⟶

Heineken Champions Voyage Campaign ends on Mykonos Island

Champions League Fans Get Ready Mykonos is the final destination of the Heineken Champions Voyage campaign, organized by Heineken and Athenian Brewery, in order to celebrate the final of the UEFA Champions League. 500 lucky beer drinkers from across the globe will have the chance to watch the UEFA Champions League final to be playedRead more ⟶