Getting Away From It All- Summer Holidays In Mykonos

Whether you are a traveler looking to escape crowded cities, where anxiety has surged over the coronavirus spread, or you prefer to work remotely in a luxury environment, while the kids are having outdoor activities, in a controlled setting, we have you covered.

During COVID-19, we at Mykonos Luxury, are continuing to offer our guests some of the most tranquil and safe villas in Mykonos to escape to, while following the advice from health authorities.

Mykonos Luxury offers access to more than 100 of the world’s most distinguished premium properties with private pools, in competitive rates, accompanied by a value-added Guest Services & Facilities program, that  offers our guests VIP-worthy privileges to craft memorable and authentic experiences, while being safe and away from jam-packed spots.

Our VIP program provides an array of tailored services and thoughtful amenities to ensure a safe, relaxing and luxurious stay:

  •  Contactless check-in

This innovation provides our guests forward check-in and check-out, through a completely paperless process, entirely handled on a tablet that makes our front office ultra-precautious in securing the safety of our guest, minimizing physical contacts.

  • Villas’ sanitization

Our villas in Mykonos are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and purified by certified professionals, before every check-in, which turns them into oases of purity and calmness. All of our properties provide sanitizer gels, tissues, and disposable paper towels, while our cleaning staff follows increased cleaning and hygiene protocols and always uses masks and dispensable gloves

  • Bespoke Virus-free Transportation

We offer virus-free private jet flights, with charter aircrafts in quarantine for 3 days before each flight, and dedicated pilots previously quarantined for 14 days before the flight! Our cars and yachts are intensively and professionally cleaned in a multi-step process to minimize the potential risk of transmission, while our drivers and yacht crew follow all the recommendations of the health authorities.

Our guests do not have to shop or dine at local restaurants when they stay at our properties. We have created a customized service for them, offering daily grocery shopping and meal preparation at home, by private chefs, following a most strict hygienic protocol.

  • In-home full spa, gym and beauty salon relaxation services

We replicate a spa-like experience in the luxury villas in Mykonos, helping our guests relaxing at home with a calming massage, a beauty treatment or a yoga and Pilates session. All services are provided by our professionals using sterilized equipment, wearing masks and dispensable gloves.

  • In-home coffee and cocktail station

For our guest satisfaction, we offer another way to elevate their in-villa beverage experience, with a unique cocktail and coffee station.

  • Enthusiast tech and in-house entertainment

For a truly unique villa experience, we provide technology that caters to any guest interests, from flat screen cable TV with in-house movies and PlayStation to tablets and high-speed Internet access

Every Mykonos Luxury villa is unique, an escape from the everyday into a world of luxury, personalised service and attention to detail. So, why not take refuge at your second home in Mykonos?

Villas in Mykonos, New Covid-19 measures between Easter and the Summer holidays

Greece’s comparative position in the global ranking of coronavirus cases and deaths is dropping steadily – therefore improving – both in absolute numbers and in population ratio (cases and deaths per million citizens). 

Below are some interesting facts that Mykonos Luxury with the collection of villas in Mykonos, has gathered for Greece:

  • 200 confirmed cases per one million population
  • Greece has a low rate, ranking 81st in the world, compared to 75th last Sunday and 66th the Sunday before.
  • It is also 23rd among European Union countries. The global average population per million cases is about 228, so Greece is below the international average, showing an exceptional good handling of the Crisis.

Due to strict measures that will last for the whole of April, Greeks will spend their Easter holiday at home.  Nevertheless, summer holidays in Mykonos, and especially with regards to the months of July, August and September seem to be catching up.  Mykonos Luxury with the collection of villas in Mykonos has extended all early reservations to a later date and has worked closely with guests, moving their bookings towards the end of what is –always- a long summer in Greece.

It is evident that Greek and International guests will choose the private nature of Villas in Mykonos vis-à-vis massive accommodation like combos, cruises and hotels.  

Villas in Mykonos are not shared, have no reception, no restaurants, no breakfast buffets, no public swimming pool areas and are the protagonists of this year’s stay.  Between now and the mid-summer expected start of the Mykonos Season, close collaboration with Villa owners is being made, to achieve certified stronger health and sanitation measures.

We are monitoring the information that becomes available about Covid-19 and are closely adhering to guidance from the major official sources, while preparing an action plan that will entail more rigorous cleaning and disinfection processes of all villas in Mykonos before a guest’s arrival, stricter control of chlorination of the swimming pools, daily disinfection of higher risk areas, stricter rules about the cleaners’ personal hygiene, as well as other measures that will make our guests feel safer about their stay with us. 

Our villas are carefully chosen to become your sanctuary of privacy and seclusion. They provide for a luxury yet homey environment, offering privacy and safety from crowds and exclusive use of all amenities. They allow families and friends to get-together and halt from all frenzy in secured, greatly maintained private spheres. 

Last but not least, we take the same measures not just for our Villas in Mykonos but also for rented cars and road transfers, as well as our private Jet charters.  We will soon be launching a VIP, virus-free, private Jet charter plan, exclusively for our clients, according to which pilots will stay in 14-days quarantine before each flight, as well as during the whole of the guests’ stay.  The aircraft will also be in quarantine for 3 days before each flight.  

We are all in the hope that this difficult time will be overcome, soon. We are staying positive and are preparing for your future villa holiday. We know what holidays with your friends and loved ones mean to you and we’ll be here to make sure you relax, recharge and dream the way you want to.

Mykonos Luxury Villas Q & A

Clean. Cool. Calm.

You are dreaming of your holidays in Mykonos, but wonder when coronavirus crisis will be over?
You are traveling online trying to discover the most magnificent place to stay that awaits you,
once this health crisis is behind us?
Here’s a useful Q&A to help you plan your next holidays, in the era of covid-19.

Is it safe to travel to Greece and Mykonos?

There are no longer any “coronavirus free” countries in Europe. The most affected destinations in Europe are, Italy- Venice, Milan, Bergamo, Rome, Florence, Turin, France – Amiens, Bordeaux, Oise, Morbihan, Montpellier, Germany- Berlin and the region of Bavaria, and Spain. Greece although is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is amongst the least afflicted, according to the Public Health agency latest data
In particular, Mykonos island, has reported zero covid-19 cases up to now!

Should I book a cruise, a hotel or a villa?

Large number of people in confined spaces on cruise ships make onboard tourists prone to infectious diseases, such as the coronavirus. As a precaution, experts suggest that cruises where proximity is permanent and constant, should be avoided for the time being. Also, as a security measure, savvy travelers may consider avoiding large hotel complexes and prefer to book a luxury villa. Mykonos Luxury has dozen of secluded, private seaside Mykonian villas, for every taste. Guests have the entire villa and its private pool just for them and their friends. Mykonos Luxury villas are Clean, Cool, Calm.

When should I travel?

We know that people love to travel, and want them all to come in Mykonos, but only when the time is right. Instead of traveling right now, we suggest this is the time to plan your vacation in Mykonos.
We encourage visitors to get a villa short list, choosing from Mykonos Luxury portfolio and come up with the luxury rental of their dreams, when we come out of the immediate crisis.

Which are the hygiene measures Mykonos Luxury is taken to minimize the risk of contagion?

The more we all follow the rules, hopefully the sooner the Coronavirus will pass. From our side, we have been following consistently the government officials’ recommendations. Daily sanitary and hygienic measures have been implemented for villas cleaning anddisinfection, and we have implemented contactless check-in and -out process. We’re also meticulously airing, cleaning and disinfecting all our villas, while hand sanitizers have been placed around our properties and our cleaning staff obligingly uses gloves and masks. Also, all linen is washed by a machine operated laundry and individually wrapped. In these strange times with travel and restrictions in every country around the world coming intoplace, our main concern is with you. Wherever you are right now, we hope you are safe and following the guidelines being set out by your local government.