In winter 2020-2021, the multicultural Mykonos wore a winter cloak for the first time

Mykonos, with its multicultural environment and without the fear of Covid, which took place in European capitals and most major cities, isolating their population at all levels, this year has a 42% larger “winter population” than last year.

Looking for the truths about the Southern Aegean, one learns that the winter on the island of Mykonos is on average mild, while snow occurs rarely-every fifteen years or so -. Fog is also very rare on the island while the average winter temperature is 12ºC to 25.5ºC. And, most importantly, the average annual sunshine is approaching 2,700 hours ranking Mykonos in the first places in Europe!

This autumn led Myconians, Athenians, but also Europeans to take the decision to live in the flagship of the South Aegean. Strict measures, overcrowding and economic asphyxiation were perhaps some of the reasons many decided to make a fresh start and decentralize. Mykonos, once again, was a choice of many.

Having modern medical centers, private foreign language schools for children, International Airport, access to all services and goods along with excellent weather, Mykonos in 2020 to 2021, with the world-historical changes for humanity, became the permanent home of Greeks and Europeans. Large multinational companies have sent their executives to large modern villas under the umbrella of “work from home” since technology enables remote work, and life on an island like Mykonos is no longer an elusive dream but a new reality. Mykonos, the island with one of the highest levels of sunshine throughout Europe, was this year a winter paradise for Greeks and Europeans who wanted to protect themselves from coronavirus in a unique environment. People from different countries settled on the island, as a result of which the narrow streets of Chora –the “sokakia”- are walked by people every day and hour.

People living in Mykonos confess that her “other face”  is obvious, but we do not see it. It is Mykonos, which is something different than its widespread, incessantly promoted cosmopolitan and entertaining summer nature. The inhabitants of Mykonos live like the inhabitants throughout the Greek province. It is a fact that those who hasten to the island for a few days during the summer, and with the sole motive of all-day fun, rarely have the time to observe those who move in another rhythm than their own.

Destination Mykonos 2017

Mykonos is today a cosmopolitan destination that attracts VIP guests, movie stars and jet-setters from around the world. More famous than Capri and more fashionable than Hawaii, Mykonos is both a magnet for dedicated clubbers and an idyllic getaway for ‘hopeless’ romantics who want to live out their dreams on a truly legendary island. Mykonos Holidays are always in fashion!

The island’s terraced villages with their cobbled streets, lime-washed houses, and picturesque churches are among the finest examples of Cycladic architecture. Visit the town of Mykonos, drop into the Archaeological Museum and start the evening with sundowners at one of the charming cafes of Little Venice before getting pleasurably lost in the maze of alleys lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. You may also want to visit the Folklore Museum next to the famed Paraportiani church, walk up to the island’s trademark windmills or take a short trip to the quaint village of Ano Mera with its imposing monastery. Renowned for its vibrant nightlife culture and beloved for the courteous hospitality of its people – the first place in Greece where locals systematically accommodated visitors in their homes – Mykonos is also famous for its long stretches of pristine sandy beaches, including Elia, Platis Gialos, Agrari, Ftelia, Paradise, Super Paradise and Psarou.

Visiting Greece is a unique experience. It’s not just the great weather, the beautiful beaches or the trendy nightlife. It’s not even the fact that for 2,500 years we have been perfecting the art of hospitality. It’s the perfect blend and balance of everything a sophisticated traveler looks for in his summer holidays. Greece is not a destination. It’s an experience. Let this experience change your life forever.

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Luxury Fleet Cars

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Mykonos… And the party never stops !!

The spring has arrived and many of us have started to think our next summer destination. Sitting in front of our PC at the office or browsing the internet from our smartphone at a cozy café in central London or by the swimming pool in Dubai or Miami, one thing is absolutely certain. Mykonos, the Greek island of unique natural beauty, preserved traditional architecture and unforgettable parties will captivate our attention and make us wish summer was closer.

This small island, located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, can offer many big surprises, especially for those looking for living unique moments with their best friends and acquiring experiences worth telling for the rest of their life. For us, loyal Mykonian visitors, this island is a kind of addiction. No, we do not exaggerate and I am going to justify why this summer you and your friends should not miss your holidays in Mykonos.

1. Mykonos is one of the top destinations worldwide for summer holidays. It attracts the crème de la crème of the international jet set. Every summer many celebrities, businessmen and important people sunbathe in the golden sand Mykonian beaches, drinking their champagne (or just do champagne shower) at its posh beach bars, equivalent or even better from those in Saint Tropez or Miami. Isn’t it time for you to live your Mykonian dream?

2. Mykonos can satisfy the taste of the most demanding person. You can rent your luxury villa where you can host your unique private parties, private cars with competent drivers or, if you want to live the ultimate experience, rent a private yacht and make an impressive entrance to Psarrou or visit virgin beaches. Mykonos luxury will certainly make you release your dreamy holidays offering high-quality services.

3. Let’s talk about the asset of this island. The legendary around the globe Mykonian parties. Distinguished DJs and the best party organizers come to the island throwing parties and organizing events, attracting the attention of the international media. Whether you prefer to party hard until the sunrise with your friends in one of the famous clubs at Chora, such as Toy Room, Guzel , Maddon ,Moni ,and the famous Astra or at the internationally reputable Cavo Paradiso where Tiesto, David Guetta, Hardwell play their amazing DJ sets every summer, or if you prefer to relax in your private Mykonos Luxury villa or boat, we can guarantee on thing. You can never feel bored in Mykonos.

4. As for the restaurants, Mykonos has a variety of all types of choices. The well known bar-restaurant Hakkasan in Chora, the famous Buddha-Bar inside Santa Marina hotel and of course the Matsuhisa are just a few to describe. But of course, if you prefer a more luxurious and private dinner we can also provide you the best chefs anywhere and anytime at your services.

5. Last but not least, its mesmerizing beach bars will make you return the following summers again and again. Skorpios with its breathtaking sunset view and the sold out afternoon parties will bewitch your senses, Nammos offering high-end culinary experience, Kalua with their famous Dj afternoon parties, utmost luxury and parties gathering the richest party animals around the world will infuse your body with the Mykonos vibe which only those having experienced it can describe.

Hope to see you this summer and Mykonos. Mykonos Luxury can organize the ultimate Mykonos experience holidays for you and your friends.