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Mykonos yacht charters are fast becoming one of the most popular Greek islands for A-listers and discerning travellers; the 2021 season was a ‘yacht summer’ as hundreds of Mykonos Luxury guests rented out luxury motor yachts whether the rental was for a daily cruise, with a sunset champagne stop at Little Venice, or to sleep on and discover the island from the comfort of a superyacht.

Ferretti 72

Mykonos, situated between Paros and Naxos, and within a few cruising minutes next to Rhinia islands and the mystique island of Delos (under the UNESCO umbrella), offers yacht charters with an enviable reputation, being one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea.  Indeed, its charming architecture and undisturbed beaches are regularly compared with the iconic island of Santorini, only a short distance away.

Axopar 37 Cross Cabin

Mykonos, thanks to its cosmopolitan nightlife, modern seafront restaurants, and sky-blue waters, the island has become a harbor for young celebrities and yacht charterers looking to unwind and to party on the yachts in privacy.

Axopar 37 Cross Cabin

Cozing a unique colourfulness, the historic streets of Mykonos are totally vibrant by day and beautifully lit by night. Known locally as ‘The Island of the Winds’, the climate is utterly inviting throughout the year and just the thing to enjoy after stepping off a superyacht. Populated by movie stars and sophisticated travellers, there are a number of beaches, archaeological sites, and miles of maze-like streets to get lost down.

Whether a vacation is based around romance or simply a chance to enjoy a relaxing environment, Mykonos offers a variety of options to its visitors. The traditional restaurants located on the east side of town, for example, allow guests to enjoy fine cuisine whilst taking in breath-taking views which overlook the Town and the Aegean Sea.

Baglietto 43

Similar to the atmosphere and character of St Tropez and Ibiza, the seemingly subdued island comes alive at night, with a number of trendy clubs by the beach offering an escape for those keen to party.  As well as taking advantage of the hotspots found on the mainland, charter guests will naturally want to head out on their superyacht to discover the more isolated attractions which surround Mykonos.

With the waters changing from emerald green to turquoise blue along the passage between these destinations, it’s just as enjoyable to kick back and spend time getting to grips with any inflatable toys and tenders available on board.

Having the opportunity to see and do so many unique things in and around Mykonos, charter guests will find with us an opportunity to plan an itinerary which satisfies the particular tastes of their party, to enjoy private chef’s delicacies on board and to party all day and night.

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How to get from Athens to Mykonos I Your route to your Mykonos Luxury Villa

How to arrive to the ultra-modern International Airport of “Eleytherios Venizelos” and head straight to Mykonos from there!

Really, the best and fastest way to arrive to your Villa is to fly direct from your country of origin to Mykonos International Airport and straight to your swimming pool for a chilled glass of white wine and some nuts and fruit!
Indeed, during the Season almost all air-carriers and due to the high demand, either offer direct flights to the island, or provide connecting flights, sometimes with you staying on the plane for just a half hour, until the plane takes off again and lands in just 25 minutes –there is no time note even for a coffee on board- to Mykonos!

Nevertheless, with all the turbulence that Covid Restrictions have been creating, some air-carriers have either aborted the direct flights or still hesitate to announce.

With Season behind the corner, it might not be a bad idea for travelers to book their flights to Athens, the beautiful capital of Greece since the Ancient Times, arrive to the ultra-modern International Airport of “Eleytherios Venizelos” and head straight to Mykonos from there!

Take a private airplane

Our Concierge team can arrange a private flight for you, on the exact time you arrive to Athens, and fly you safely to Mykonos along with your friends, family, pets and luggage! You will not event exit the Airport building.

Step on a helicopter

Again, Mykonos Luxury Concierge team can arrange a private helicopter flight for you, and have you landed near your villa, with car transfer arranged to wait for 10 meters from the closest heliport! 

Rent a yacht

Go to the nearest marina and enjoy a two hour cruise on the deep blue Aegean waters breathing the fresh air and arriving at the new Mykonos port or any other bay close to your Villa, all ready or a shower and a Mediterranean meal!

Book a direct flight

Aegean Airlines, a heavily awarded Greek carrier, a member of Star Alliance, Greece’s largest airline providing since 1999 until today full service, premium quality haul services, has three o more connecting flights to Mykonos, daily.  Make sure you book well ahead as those flights are reaallyy crowded!

Volotea, a Spanish low-cost airline with bases in Spain, Italy, France and Greece, also offers quite a few connecting flights daily during the Summer Season.

The popular site Skyscanner provides all the details of flights from Athens to Mykonos along with the updated Covid info required by travelers. 

Take the high-speed ferry

Simply book one of the multiple ferries that execute the Athens-Mykonos trip many times daily from either Rafina Port or Piraeus Port.  We advise you not to waste time by jumping between different ferry companies but to use the Ferryhopper instead, which simply includes every available trip.

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Mykonos has reopened to travelers I Here’s who can visit Greece right now

The country is now welcoming tourists from the EU, UK and around a dozen other countries around the world

Updated: Thursday 1 April 2021, 11:58 am

Mykonos is one of the top world’s destinations. 

Renting a villa on the island of Mykonos has always been the best choice for a great vacation, for the ideal way to celebrate, for the no-turning down “proposal” idyllic spot on the planet!  Mykonos Luxury managing more than 130 luxury villas in Mykonos is prepared in depth to welcome the 2021 Season’s guests.

After several very long months, Greece started lifting lockdown restrictions through summer and autumn last year – and now it wants to help salvage your 2021 holiday plans. The country has already resumed flights to all its major airports and is now set to loosen its travel restrictions further as it gears up for peak summer tourist season.

Travelers currently allowed in include residents and citizens of EU and Schengen member states, plus the UK and around a dozen other countries around the world including Australia, Japan, Israel and Turkey.

There are also new rules for international arrivals. All visitors must fill out a ‘passenger locator form’ at least 24 hours before arriving. This requires ‘detailed information on [passengers’] point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece’. They must also bring a negative test result from within 72 hours of arrival, and for the time being, quarantine for seven days on arrival.

However, the country will scrap the mandatory self-isolation period from May 14.

As the country prepares for summer tourist season, international visitors will only be allowed in if they

  • can prove they have had the vaccine
  • have antibodies’ paper proof
  • can provide a negative test result from within the past 72 hours.

There will also be random testing at the airport, and if your test comes positive, the country’s tourism Minister has said all healthcare costs will be covered by the Greek state.

So in other words: it’s not actually that long before you will be able to jet off on that balmy Aegean getaway. Just don’t forget that all-important test result – or vaccine certificate, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Remember, many countries are still warning against all non-essential travel and some are quarantining all overseas arrivals, including their own returning citizens.

* This article was updated on 1st April 2021. You are strictly advised to check all the relevant restrictions before you think about travelling.

I want to travel to Greece. Can I?

As the summer approaches there is a key question on many people’s minds: “When will I be able to travel to Greece again?”
We are here seeking to provide the most up-date-information about the situation in Greece and developments regarding tourism and international travel to the country. As the situation is likely to remain fluid for the coming weeks, we will be regularly updating this article with the latest developments.


Greece has timely taken all necessary actions that seized effectively the covid-19 spread in the country. As a result, today Greece reports less than 3.500 cases and 192 deaths in total, up to the 1st of July. Most importantly, in the past weeks following the first gradual lift of measures taken against the spread, there has not been any significant upturn in cases.
The government has announced a two-month plan in order for the country to return to normalcy, keeping always in mind that the health both of Greek citizens and the tourists is a top priority.

Greece will cover transfer to hospital and medical costs as well as stay in quarantine hotel if needed.
The Greek state is also urging airlines travel agents and hotels to offer maximum flexibility during this time of customer and regulatory uncertainty.
The government recommends travelers download the free Visit Greece app prior to their arrival.

Flights, Ferries, Public Transports

As of July 1st, all Greek airports reopened to international flights, both direct and transit ones. Direct flights are now open for passengers coming from the EU+ countries (EU countries plus Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Ireland), as well as to 14 non-Eu countries: Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Morocco, Montenegro, N. Zealand, S. Korea, Rwanda, Serbia, Uruguay Thailand, Tunisia and China Exceptions apply to passengers from countries which are seriously affected by the pandemic, among which the USA, Russia, Brazil, UK, Turkey and Sweden until 15.07.20.

Additional restrictions on non-essential travel from non-EU countries may be applicable, pending guidance from the European Union.

All passengers travelling on international flights to Greece are required to fill in and electronically submit the compulsory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) 48 hours before departure.
All bans and restrictions for the domestic flights in Greece have been lifted as of 25/5/2020.

As of June 15, the land border with Bulgaria Albania and North Macedonia is open, and visitors are subject to sample testing.

From July 1, international arrivals by sea and docking at Greek ports are allowed.

For transport by car, tourist bus and train the use of masks is mandatory, while traveling is carried out with a 50% capacity


All year-round resorts, including Villas and hotels are open as of June 1st, while seasonal resorts will open on June 15th.
Health protocols have been designed for the safe reopening and operation of resorts, across the country:
All resorts are obliged to have a doctor on call and follow enhanced disinfection and deep cleaning practices, Staff members are obliged to follow the necessary hygiene, while queuing at reception during check-in / check-out must be avoided. Bills, invoices and receipts are recommended to be sent by email and key cards must be disinfected.
Outdoor swimming pools are allowed to operate, according to the current legal framework.

Private yachts

As of 25th May however, yachting in Greek seas is allowed, as it is the safest tourist activity

Public transport (metro, buses, trolley cars, taxis)

As of May 8 the use of masks is compulsory on all public transports (metro, buses, taxis, private cars etc.). In accordance to the law, taxis/mini vans of 5 and 7 seats or private vehicles/mini vans can transfer solely up to two passengers.
For mini vans with capacity of 8 and 9 seats 3 passengers can ride the vehicles. Exception of the restriction is provided for parents with minor children. A 150 euros fine will be imposed on passengers that break the rules.


Both indoor and outdoor seating is now permitted at restaurants across the country. By government guidelines, tables are placed with a safe distance between them.
Maximum allowed number of table guests is six persons, except for families with minor children. It is mandatory for the staff to wear a mask or a face shield, whereas it is highly recommended to customers to do the same.
As of May 16, Beach clubs are open, however with new rules for their operation. The public can also make use of free beaches and coastline, although are advised to respect social distancing guidelines.
Servers must wear face masks.
At hotel buffets disinfectant will be provided for hands at the dining area’s entrance. All hotels must install sneeze guards (protective food guards that protect buffet line entrées and sides from airborne contaminants). The food at the buffet will be served only by the hotel’s kitchen staff (who will be properly equipped with masks and gloves). The customer should not come in contact with the food or the utensils at the buffet.


As of 15th June 2020, visits in museums is permitted. Archaeological sites now operate on extended summer hours (08:00-20:00) to avoid large crowds from forming. In order to maintain the minimum 1.5m safety distance between people, the number of visitors allowed in at every archaeological site is limited, as is the number of visitors allowed to enter every hour.
Specific routes have been demarcated, the entrance and exit separated, and plexiglass screens installed wherever needed and possible.
Public is advised to use masks, disinfectants and keep distances as they are applied.


Commercial shops have already opened as of May 11th, while shopping malls and outlets have opened on May 18th. Consumers and staff are advised to use masks and disinfectants. Distance between customers must be 1,5 m.

I want to travel to Greece


As of May16th access to beaches providing amenities is open but in accordance to strict health safety rules. Private beaches have a capacity restriction of 40 persons per 1.000 square meters and 4 m. distance between umbrellas is compulsory, each of which will provide shade for two sun loungers at most – this does not apply to families with children. Two sunbeds that are under different umbrellas cannot be placed closer to each other than 1.5m. Placing a towel on top of sun loungers is mandatory and considered the responsibility of the user. The staff at organized beaches and beach clubs are required to disinfect sun loungers/chairs after every use. Additionally, they must regularly disinfect sanitary facilities and post a schedule of that cleaning for official review.
Beach bars and food trucks offering food and drink can serve items in a package. Alcohol can be sold but cannot be consumed at the bar to prevent overcrowding.
The ban on playing music at organized beaches has been lifted. However, it is recommended for owners of bars and cafes operating in beach areas to avoid holding events that would cause overcrowding.


If you plan your wedding in an orthodox church the restriction of 1 person per 10 square meters will be imposed, in order to ensure a safe distance of 1,5 m. between your guests.
If you plan a civil wedding, it is recommended to get in touch with the competent municipality or your wedding planner in order to get informed of the restrictions that are applied in each case. The guests are advised to use masks, disinfectants and keep their interpersonal safety distances.

Note that all of the above dates are subject to change, depending on the course of the epidemic in the country. Any potential resurgence of the virus will lead to delays and possibly reversals of the above measures

Here’s why the less expensive Mykonos holiday accommodation is also the safest!

Mykonos is expensive. Some consider it unapproachable. But it is a Diva, and it is in beautiful Greece, and it is whitewashed, and, this Summer it will be affordable as  prices for accommodation (luxury villa in Mykonos , Airbnb, etc.) became very attractive, unlike other years where the simple law of “demand and supply” led to the high, sometimes unaffordable cost of holidays in Mykonos.

Have you ever wondered – and especially if you are traveling with friends or family – what is best for you when it comes to choosing a vacation on an island like Mykonos which is one of the five most attractive destinations on the planet along with Ibiza, Morocco and the Caribbean islands.

In a luxury complex or hotel the cost for a couple starts from 150 euros and reaches a four-digit number per day! At the same time, luxury villas in Mykonos accommodating 6 to 12 people cost significantly less.

Yes. It’s simple mathematics. If in the “high season” a lux room costs 500 euros a day, the cost per person is 250 euros.  In a luxury villa in Mykonos with a private pool, the price is around 800 euros per day and accommodates 10 people or more in bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, costing less than 80 euros per day!

In addition, at a time when the world is battling the battle Covid-19, the villas are far ahead when it comes to safety, as. They do not have common areas with the other residents of the complex or hotel:

  • They do not have a reception, big common lobbies or breakfast buffets for all
  • They do not have a central air conditioning system that distributes air to all rooms through common ducts, rather than individual AC units per room
  • The swimming pool is not shared. It is 100% private
  • Sheets and towels are disinfected and wrapped by piece in nylon bags 
  • Mykonos Luxury villas provide disinfection certificate upon each arrival
  • Air conditioning filters are disinfected at each departure
  • The check-in at the villa is contactless; only the customers enter the villa with a sterile key handed to them along with the sanitization certificates upon arrival

Here are 10 more reasons why a villa in Mykonos is the ideal choice for your holiday!

i.         Luxury and 360 view of the Aegean

Private villas in Mykonos, these days, provide stunning luxury facilities and amenities. From sea-looking infinity pools to all kinds of tech gadgets, or from outdoor BBQ sets or Jacuzzis to top-notch brands of toiletries, Villas offer an individualized kind of luxury unavailable at large hotels. Each villa in Mykonos is unique, with a distinctive style and a personality of its own. Hotels just can’t provide that individualized kind of experience. And what’s more, even if you book a sea view room, you will never be able to overlook the deep blue Aegean Sea at its full glory, like you will when sitting on the Villa terrace.

    ii.         Top Privacy and Homeliness

A holiday is to kick back and relax, and typically Villas are private homes where your neighbors are not on the other side of the wall, as in a hotel. Your Villa’s pool, beachfront, terrace, etc. are not shared. And your parking spot is right there. In a Villa you can use every facility at any time you want, without having to wait for your turn. It may sound like selfishness, but it’s not! It’s your holiday, your time and your family. 

    iii.         Plenty of Space

There’s no place like home. And even if you book a spacious hotel suite or a warm, welcoming and homey hotel room, you will end up spending your private time in a few square meters. Luxury villas are generally bigger than all but the largest hotel suites. A villa gives approximately more than 150sqm than a hotel, where you can stretch out to your heart’s content. In comparison to a villa, hotel rooms could be a virtual shoebox, as they supply an average of 30 sqm. Especially if you have children, the extra space can be much needed. More space is a major contribution to having a stress-free holiday.

    iv.         Service

Yes, Hotels come with yumee buffet breakfasts, but how many times did we miss those hot croissants because –especially on a holiday- we didn’t want to sacrifice our precious sleep! Villas may come with a private chef, who will prepare the menu you design, on the time you want it.  At our Villas, housecleaning, change of linen and pool maintenance is daily and, upon request, you can have a private chauffer or a live-in housekeeper and babysitter.  You get a staff of 3 to 4 people to cater to the needs of your group of 8 to 10. That’s a rate of nearly 1 staff person per 2 guests. Now, think about how’s that rate going to most hotels and you’ll understand why private rentals are in a worldwide boom. The level of personalized service available at private Villas is something that hotels just can’t compete with

    v.         Peace and Quiet

Tranquility is what a Villa is about.  You’ll have the entire property to yourself and you can be yourself and nobody will bother you! No matter how luxurious a hotel is, you will always be sharing its facilities with lots of strangers. A private Villa comes with a private pool just for you and your friends.  There is a reason why celebrities always choose private Villas. Other than the noise of a scooter once in a while, you rarely hear any noise throughout your stay. Well, except for your screeching kids jumping in the pool.  

    vi.         Day and Night Private Pool

This is a big win for the Villa.  In big hotels a place by the pool is always a battle –  in a villa not at all! You can have your sun loungers next to our own private pool and move around from sun to shade depending on our mood. You can hang out the wet pool towels and swimsuits overnight outdoors, and leave the toys stayed in a nice pile by the pool. All you have to think about is the sunscreen. You may stay there and enjoy the sunset, without someone –in the case of hotels- asking you to leave as the pool area needs to be prepared for the dinner of 200 guests.  And how fantastic, fun or…  romantic is it to use the pool under the starry summer sky.  

    vii.         Kids can be kids

You can be much calmer at a Villa with your family and friends, than you would have been at a large hotel. There’s no shushing the kids in fear that they would wake up the people in the room next door, and you don’t have to tell them not to run through the lobby.  The kids will find board games to play and a couple of balls for the pool. Not to mention plenty of outdoor room for their cartwheels in the sunshine.  Also, our Villas come with portable cots and a highchair at no extra cost for the little ones.

    viii.         Healthy meals

Villas have a large fully equipped kitchen where our private chefs can cook for you and your friends quality meals.  Our private Chefs know the island of Mykonos very well and get fresh ingredients specifically selected according to their guests’ tastes to cook for you everything you like, from no calorie laden buffet breakfast to delicious BBQ meals. We can also stock up your fridge whenever you want us to, with selected groceries and beverages of your choice. And let’s not forget the most glorious local summer fruits you get to have when eating local!

    ix.         Villas are pet-friendly

How many hotels do you know that allow pets? Your dog is just as much as a family member as anyone else, and you should be able to take them along to be a part of the memories. Our villas are proud to welcome pets, which can save you the stress of missing your furry friend. 

    x.         Price

Last but not least is what might actually be the strongest point when it comes to Villas vs Hotels: the price! Let’s face it, luxury hotels in Mykonos can get pricey, and a lot of them charge differently, depending on demand, season, number of persons per room etc. Renting a Villa can be extremely cost effective compared to booking a hotel room, especially when your party is big enough to fill all the rooms in the Villa as the cost gets spread among more people. It just doesn’t matter how luxurious a private Villa is, it will still offer a better deal.

Here, at Mykonos Luxury, our Villas give you all the above and more. 

We are sure to present you with a home away from home, in a relaxed and comfortable environment, for you to enjoy a sip of a cool beverage at the pool terrace or lounging in your Villa’s living room. 

Why not get in touch with our team today, to get your holiday excitement started?

Covid – 19 Mykonos Luxury

Like so many of you, Mykonos Luxury is carefully monitoring the latest updates surrounding the coronavirus map across the globe. The health and safety of our guests, property owners, employees and greater community are of paramount importance. We are closely monitoring recommendations from the local authorities concerning how businesses should respond to coronavirus spread. We will continue to rely on their recommendations and expertise to inform our decisions. You will find some steps we are already taking on this page.

In addition to how Mykonos Luxury is responding to this situation, we know many of you are looking for information on how COVID-19 is affecting Mykonos Island and Greece. We will also use this page to provide useful links to keep you informed. We know you all love this corner of Aegean Sea, just as much as we do. In these times, we want to keep you connected to this place of peace and solace.

Mykonos, Greece- coronavirus map and update 

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spread worldwide, the Greek government has taken severe measures to contain its spread.
For the time being Greece has suspended all transport links with non-EU countries as well as Spain and Italy till further notice. 

Seasonal hotels and resorts, as well as year- round hotels in Greece will remain temporarily closed from March 22nd, 2020 until April 30th, 2020. Youth hostels and ski resorts, as well as beaches offering amenities (public, private or run by municipalities) will temporarily remain closed until April 11th, 2020 .

Greece imposed a 14-day quarantine to any new arrival from March 22nd, 2020 onwards, until further notice. The government also decided to implement a ban on all cruise ships and sailboats docking at its ports. Furthermore, until April 21st, departure and docking of private and professional yachts are prohibited at all ports of the country.
Furthermore, all museums, archaeological sites, cinemas and shopping centres are on lock down until April 11th, 2020. Cafes, restaurants, tavernas, bars, have shut down, besides the ones who offer delivery or take out till further notice throughout the country.

Changing Travel Plans?

Mykonos Luxury guest services staff is being reaching out to all our guests who are scheduled to arrive within the next two months. We work with each guest on an individual basis to either move reservations to a later time period in 2020 or 2021 or to process refunds. 

Mykonos Luxury is offering Flexibility for Reservations Within 30 Days of Arrival 

We will continue to take calls to discuss date moving requests and cancellations for arrivals over the next 30 days. Know that we are here to listen. We understand that for some of you there may be uncertainty in your travel plans. Our guest services staff is available during our normal business hours at +30 217 0000 777 or via email to work with you as you make the best decisions for your family’s safety and well-being. In the coming weeks, we anticipate higher than normal call volume. Know that our staff will work as quickly as possible to return calls and answer emails.

For Reservations Over 30 Days from Arrival – As this is a dynamic situation, we ask for patience from those guests who are scheduled to arrive more than 30 days out. We will continue to keep this page updated as we know more about the impact coronavirus may have on our guests and property owners. We appreciate your patience while we focus our efforts on guests arriving in the next 30 days.

What We’re Currently Doing in Mykonos Luxury

  • Practicing Social Distancing with new check-in and -out process – 

Mykonos Luxury has over 100 vacation rentals with an updated check-in and -out process. that provides the ability to get your villa’s keys without any physical contact. Your key is waiting for you at the Mykonos Luxury office, with all the necessary instructions.

  • Encouraging Remote Work and Virtual Meetings – To ensure that our staff are healthy and able to meet the needs of our customers, staff that are not required to be on-site to perform their duties will be able to work from home. This includes many of our guest services staff, who are manning the phones during normal business hours to answer questions about current or future reservations.
  • Increasing the Rigor of Cleaning Procedures – Mykonos Luxury has always strived to provide clean and safe accommodations. We want you to know that, following eody.gov.gr and the Greek Ministry of Health recommendations, we are increasing the rigor of cleaning and disinfecting all villas, car and aircraft rentals, using certified household disinfectants, with increased focus on doors, handles, faucets, switches, chairs, windows, restrooms, countertops, phones, swimming pools and all high traffic areas. All linen is washed by a machine operated laundry that follows all recommended textile processing standards and delivered to us individually wrapped.

Practicing Good Hygiene – We’ve always been big fans of handwashing, but we’re reiterating the importance of this practice to all staff. Our office is being cleaned at regular intervals and we are taking advantage of spring breezes to increase the ventilation in our lobby and offices. We have placed hand sanitizer around our villas, for both guests and employees and imposed the mandated use of gloves and masks by all our staff

Five reasons to visit Mykonos

Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most enchanting islands of Cyclades in Greece. Every year, around 750,000 of explorers travel to Mykonos to experience the delightful atmosphere it offers. Mykonos is a fine island filled with impressive beaches, luxurious restaurants, family-run taverns, romantic sights, elegant summer villa, and the very warm people who know how to welcome visitors. A place to fit all tastes. From backpackers, families, to celebrities and VIP’s, Mykonos is to be every summer. We gathered the top five reasons why you should visit Mykonos, this year and every year:

1. Beaches

Mykonos is world famous for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and transparent waters. There is a beach for every taste and mood. Nudists, round-the-clock party people, families and those seeking a break from the madness of Mykonos will all be able to find a beach that fits their taste.
The beaches on the south shore of the island have the best sand, view and are protected from the Meltemi, the local Cycladic wind. Keep in mind that most people begin to arrive in the early afternoon, and you can avoid the worst of the crowds by going in the morning. The north coast beaches are less developed but just as beautiful. They are less organized and crowded and most suitable for those in search of a bit of calm. Do you want to enjoy as many Mykonos beaches as possible, within your stay? You can rent a yacht in Mykonos, and go around the island to see famous spots and also discover new, or rent a luxury car to go around the island!

2. The Nightlife

The fame of the nightlife in Mykonos is not accidental. Here are located all the best bars and nightclubs if you want to spend your vacations in Greece, including open-air partying, cocktail bars and after-hours clubs. This is the place where you can party with the jet-setters since the place is often compared to Ibiza. Mykonos provides it all: From classy and sophisticated Caprice to all-day beach party mayhem in Super Paradise, you can party any time of the day (or all day)!

3. The Gastronomy

The gastronomy of the island is as varied as to that one would expect to find in a large European city. Gourmet restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, Greek tavernas, ethnic corners, Italian trattorias etc coexist and cover a wide spectrum of tasteful options. Fresh fish is a must try too. The list of cuisines is a really endless! Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, French and a plethora more will cover your expectations in every respect.

4. Shopping

Shop until you drop.

The beautiful island of Mykonos is not only known for its enchanting beaches. It is a shopping mecca for shopaholics too! There are 177 fashion stores, 91 jewelry stores, 10 beauty stores, 38 Home Deco stores, 38 souvenir stores, 48 supermarkets, 8 liquor stores, 11 Local and organic stores, and 4 bookstores scattered around the island. Meaning, in every street and corner of Mykonos you will see a busy small shop that is entertaining its customers.

5. Delos

Another reason for visiting Mykonos is that it is the best place to start a tour of the impressive archeological site on the nearby island of Delos, Greece. Delos, a small, rocky island, was one of the most sacred places in Greek mythology due to its role as the birthplace of the twins Apollo and Artemis, two of the most important gods of the early Greeks.

The island’s small size does not prepare you for the incredible extent of ruins and ongoing excavations that can be found on Delos. We highly recommend a visit, as Delos is, perhaps, the most outstanding archaeological site in Greece, outside of the Acropolis and other ancient sights in Athens.

Destination Mykonos 2017

Mykonos is today a cosmopolitan destination that attracts VIP guests, movie stars and jet-setters from around the world. More famous than Capri and more fashionable than Hawaii, Mykonos is both a magnet for dedicated clubbers and an idyllic getaway for ‘hopeless’ romantics who want to live out their dreams on a truly legendary island. Mykonos Holidays are always in fashion!

The island’s terraced villages with their cobbled streets, lime-washed houses, and picturesque churches are among the finest examples of Cycladic architecture. Visit the town of Mykonos, drop into the Archaeological Museum and start the evening with sundowners at one of the charming cafes of Little Venice before getting pleasurably lost in the maze of alleys lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. You may also want to visit the Folklore Museum next to the famed Paraportiani church, walk up to the island’s trademark windmills or take a short trip to the quaint village of Ano Mera with its imposing monastery. Renowned for its vibrant nightlife culture and beloved for the courteous hospitality of its people – the first place in Greece where locals systematically accommodated visitors in their homes – Mykonos is also famous for its long stretches of pristine sandy beaches, including Elia, Platis Gialos, Agrari, Ftelia, Paradise, Super Paradise and Psarou.

Visiting Greece is a unique experience. It’s not just the great weather, the beautiful beaches or the trendy nightlife. It’s not even the fact that for 2,500 years we have been perfecting the art of hospitality. It’s the perfect blend and balance of everything a sophisticated traveler looks for in his summer holidays. Greece is not a destination. It’s an experience. Let this experience change your life forever.

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Luxury coach shuttle service to Mykonos Town

All 5 star Mykonos hotels offer you a luxury coach shuttle service to Mykonos Town that operates at regular intervals until 1 AM from a centralized departure point.

Luxury flights and cruises

For those who like to travel in style, whether it is a lavish and glamorous welcoming in all the places you might want to go, chauffeured luxurious cars, private jets or first class yachts, Mykonos.luxury is there for you. From Ibiza to Miami and back to Mykonos. Yes, you can do it! Possibilities are endless… you choose, we deliver. What’s better than explore this amazing part of the world on a Luxury Yacht? Discover a world of motor yachting that’s ingeniously crafted to capture your imagination. A selection of Luxury Motor Yachts, Sail Yachts, Catamarans and Ribs charter fleet will meet your most demanding request. You can rent a yacht to discover the Mykonos treasures or even better you can have sailing holidays.

Luxury Fleet Cars

Rent a car and ride in comfort and style with our fleet of Mercedes S-Class limousines, Range Rovers and Mercedes-Benz that will meet your most demanding transportation requirements.

Luxury Fleet Cars

Mykonos is well connected, with many international airlines operating direct flights. The flight from Athens to Mykonos takes just 35 minutes. You can book one of our private jets and get to Mykonos from everywhere in the world.

So Many Things to Do on Mykonos

Can’t Get Bored on Mykonos

If you feel bored or uninspired while on Mykonos, then either you picked the wrong destination for your state of mind or you are not well-informed. Anyone looking for more will quickly discover that Mykonos has the right combination of what it takes to charm its visitors and keep them coming back to indulge on the island.

Obviously, the notable attractions on Mykonos are the beaches, where you can sunbathe, relax, snorkel — even party until sunrise.

Fortunately enough, this whimsical island is a real vacation playground with lots of intriguing activities that exceed the expectations of visitors.

Keep Calm and Discover Mykonos

There are tons of things to do and see on the island. Partying and sunbathing, though typical, are just two of the countless reasons to go to Mykonos for a good time. In reality, Mykonos is the kind of island where boredom is rare, almost a superficial idea.

So, if you want to do more than party your heart out, you may want to also…

Swim in turquoise waters
Go horse riding (on the beach)
Go on a tour or an excursion
Do water sports-including windsurfing and kite surfing
Explore the main town, Chora (on foot, of course)

Go shopping

Go to an open-air cinema

Participate in a workshop (culinary, for example)

Go wine tasting (most probably on Santorini island, not far from Mykonos)

Organise a special event (like a wedding, bachelor(ette) party, birthday etc.)

And so much more…

You have been informed. Try not to limit the scope of your vacation when you visit Mykonos. New activities and events are always coming up, including this summer, 2017. Stay tuned and be in the loop!

Private Catering Mykonos

Mykonos avant-garde Catering Service

Looking to have a fine-dining experience while on Mykonos? Our new food concept services on the island offering quality food concepts and ready to respond to the special needs of each customer.

The food concepts cater events of all sorts including house dinner parties, yacht parties, cocktail dinners, beach BBQ dinners and parties, seated gala dinners, wedding ceremonies and anything that might be scheduled or ad hoc.

The Mykonos Story!

We walking off the beaten path and introducing food concepts based mostly on live cooking on the spot in front of customers and their guests. There are many concepts to choose from.

Bento Food Box

Invite guests to your yacht or sailing boat and enjoy the lavish Bento Food boxes that will definitely impress your guests.

Teppanyaki Concept

Teppanyaki Japanese style cuisine uses an iron griddle to cook food and gather friends and family together. It is a live cooking concept where all dishes are prepared in front of the guest by a professional teppanyaki chef.

The tempura bar concept

A live cooking concept for any group of 12 people and more that can be prepared in front of you and your guest in any chosen place such us your house, a beach front, an outdoor swimming pool area, anywhere you choose.

SUSHI Bar Concept

Greek family style

Celebrate any special occasion or just a casual dinner with friends & family just like the Greeks do… with a feast of delicious dishes shared by all guests. Rejoice with quality food and feel the Greek spirit of sharing a good meal with your loved ones.

Whatever your taste, we will grant you your wish.