Michaela Koumoullis

Michaela is a British citizen, born and raised in Cyprus, She studied Economics and History at the American College in Athens and later on lived in the UK where she obtained her Master’s and PhD degrees from Warwick University.

She has worked for more than 25 years in multinational companies and has traveled and lived in all five Continents, ending up in Mykonos! She has a son aged 12 with whom she plays golf and tennis. She is quite the family/business woman.

However, this woman is willing to help you out with anything you need -wherever you are – anytime!

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there'”

Chris Pikoulas

Chris is an Athens-born, used-to-live-in-London, computer science zealot. You get the idea? This guy is the driving engine of the whole organization! He is inspirational in a unique way and sticks to his will and ability to liaison sales and software programs. He will do whatever it takes to ensure that things are running smoothly. After a long day, he loves to party and hang out, so that’s the one you go to for suggestions a propos clubs and parties!

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.'”

Nefeli Georgiou

This is Nefeli! Energetic, workaholic and always available.

Born in Athens, raised in Karpenissi, Nefeli left her family home at eighteen to explore the world and discover her limits, with her own wings.  After studying Tourism & Economics in Salonica, she went abroad and lived in Germany for two years. Following the Europe tour, life transported her to Mykonos and to our Team!

Persistent, powerful, determined and many more adjectives can describe her character, but you will discover it all for yourselves!

“Life is short, but if you work it right, it is enough.”


John Karamitros

Born and raised in Athens John studied Business Administration at the American College of Greece. He has many years of experience in the automotive industry by working in leading multinational companies. In his current role as Car Rentals & Transportation Manager, John is dedicated to proactively analyzing operations, processes and safety improvements in order to achieve the highest standard possible at any given mission. He has been obsessed with Kart Racing since a kid. Let’s go for a ride!!!

Bassem Michael Jumean

Michalis was born in Jordan, and raised in Greece, where he studied engineering science. He is currently a family man, a businessman who loves spending time with his family, especially with his gorgeous daughter. Michael is the first guy you should call in case you have any transport related issues.


Maria is quite the island person on our team! She was born in Samos but currently lives in Mykonos. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and she continues her education and master’s in Finance. Her vice is hiking and traveling, but she does not plan on quitting!


Meet the man responsible for our website and all the data and info you can obtain! Vasilis was born in Athens but currently lives in Bulgaria’s capital of Sophia. He has completed his studies in computer science and web development. He is that guy you all know, who enjoys his work and is willing to spend his free time to work! If he is not working, he is probably traveling and wandering this world!


Nektaria was born in Athens, as her current residence in London now. Her cute fashion addiction makes her work true art! Nektaria is definitely the one you go to when you need “where-to-eat” tips! She loves her food and knows how to enjoy it! She also enjoys life, as she often takes long walks at the beach after a good meal or a glass of fine wine. If you’re a gourmand like Nektaria, then she is the right consultant for you!