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Mykonos yacht charters are fast becoming one of the most popular Greek islands for A-listers and discerning travellers; the 2021 season was a ‘yacht summer’ as hundreds of Mykonos Luxury guests rented out luxury motor yachts whether the rental was for a daily cruise, with a sunset champagne stop at Little Venice, or to sleep on and discover the island from the comfort of a superyacht.

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Mykonos, situated between Paros and Naxos, and within a few cruising minutes next to Rhinia islands and the mystique island of Delos (under the UNESCO umbrella), offers yacht charters with an enviable reputation, being one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea.  Indeed, its charming architecture and undisturbed beaches are regularly compared with the iconic island of Santorini, only a short distance away.

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Mykonos, thanks to its cosmopolitan nightlife, modern seafront restaurants, and sky-blue waters, the island has become a harbor for young celebrities and yacht charterers looking to unwind and to party on the yachts in privacy.

Axopar 37 Cross Cabin

Cozing a unique colourfulness, the historic streets of Mykonos are totally vibrant by day and beautifully lit by night. Known locally as ‘The Island of the Winds’, the climate is utterly inviting throughout the year and just the thing to enjoy after stepping off a superyacht. Populated by movie stars and sophisticated travellers, there are a number of beaches, archaeological sites, and miles of maze-like streets to get lost down.

Whether a vacation is based around romance or simply a chance to enjoy a relaxing environment, Mykonos offers a variety of options to its visitors. The traditional restaurants located on the east side of town, for example, allow guests to enjoy fine cuisine whilst taking in breath-taking views which overlook the Town and the Aegean Sea.

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Similar to the atmosphere and character of St Tropez and Ibiza, the seemingly subdued island comes alive at night, with a number of trendy clubs by the beach offering an escape for those keen to party.  As well as taking advantage of the hotspots found on the mainland, charter guests will naturally want to head out on their superyacht to discover the more isolated attractions which surround Mykonos.

With the waters changing from emerald green to turquoise blue along the passage between these destinations, it’s just as enjoyable to kick back and spend time getting to grips with any inflatable toys and tenders available on board.

Having the opportunity to see and do so many unique things in and around Mykonos, charter guests will find with us an opportunity to plan an itinerary which satisfies the particular tastes of their party, to enjoy private chef’s delicacies on board and to party all day and night.

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