Why Mykonos Guests should go “Concierge”

A luxury approach that ensures VIP entrance, saves time, and costs nothing

Mykonos during the Summer is a high demand luxury top world destination and -especially during the peak season of July and August- the luxury all-day beach clubs, the bar-restaurants and the night clubs that host worldwide famous DJs and make the parties long and wild, are usually fully booked weeks and months before.

Guests from destinations like the USA, the UAE, the Middle East and Central Europe, arrive to the island to enjoy the tranquillity of their luxury villa, their luxury yacht cruises around the island and at the same time spend significant budgets on ‘out-of-villa’ day and night leisure and experiences.

Luxury Villas
Daily or Weekly Yachts

Concierge Services pre-arrange all details on all aspects of your holiday, so that from the minute you step on the island until the day of your departure, you can maximise your free time and run on a stress-free mode.

Our services range from picking you up at the Airport, carrying your luggage into your villa, having pre-stocked your fridge with the necessary breakfast items, having bought in advance your liqueur and wine cava -which at your arrival is chilled and set up and the fridge has ice cubes-, having booked your “fav” restaurants, and having put your name on the chaise longues of the densely populated beach clubs you are about to spend your days under the sun at, as well as assisting you with your daily flow by providing you at any time a massage therapist, a hairdresser, a laundry pick up, a nanny, a shopping assistant, a gym card, gifts for your loved ones etc.

Some guests will always prefer to do these things on their own, but during the last years our elite clientele is increasingly turning to concierge services to manage it for them.

We asked our company’s Concierge Manager, Chris, an Instagram addict and a never asleep 37-year-old fella who lives on the island all-year round, to tell us exactly why our guests love this service, and why you should have his phone on your speed dial too, and he pinpointed the following:

1. Concierge service is a tailor-made, pro-active facility for each guest

The best concierge services will give you your own personal Concierge, so that you always deal with the same person, for all requests. By learning your tastes and needs, this becomes a pro-active service, pre-empting what you would like to do.

2. Your Concierge becomes your personal guidebook and search engine

Researching Mykonos ever-changing trending destinations, booking your villa, daily cruise,  water toys, restaurants, clubs, putting together a celebration of any sort,  sourcing a unique experience in the clutter of Mykonos peak, can sometimes be an arduous task. Chris asks the self-understood: why search blindly googling the unknown when you can ask for a personal recommendation from an Expert with a huge book of contacts? Its simply wise to put yourself in trusted hands.

3. Save Your Time

Mykonos Luxury guests have admitted that they use Chris to free up precious time, enabling them to experience the things they love instead of stressing while waiting on the phone until a restaurant picks up, only for an unknown voice to declare the appalling phrase “Sorry, we are fully booked”.

4. Special Privileges and Complimentary Benefits

A true concierge service will strive to negotiate for special privileges and benefits for its members wherever possible. Upgrades, priority reservation and complimentary drinks at the best restaurants, free entry to exclusive clubs, or discounts at a host of other lifestyle services – a concierge service can add value, make you a VIP and save you money.

5. Know About the Latest ‘Scene’

At Mykonos Luxury, through our member newsletters and blog, we keep our members informed of the best new villas, new motor yachts, new restaurant and bar openings, and the under-the-radar exclusives, so they can remain on the pulse wherever they are. We also get invited to new openings, launches and exclusive events, which we can pass onto our members.


Even though there is pricelist for Concierge Services, and anyone can trace Chris and get them, we, as Mykonos Luxury, offer these services as complimentary to our luxury villa collection guests.  Choose one of our magnificent villas and get the platinum bundle of services from A to Z.  We aim high and we achieve the impossible simply because we are one of a kind: a global agency with local presence! 

Contact Chris
Our Head Concierge for the last 7 years is always available on +30 694 624 5575