XLSIOR Mykonos: 2017 Edition

While visiting Mykonos in August, get ready for the one and only XLSIOR Festival. One island, over 30,000 people from all over the world all connected by love and the universal language of music. So, this is what XLSIOR is all about. Old friends, new friends, and loved ones.

Because it’s where all the magic begins. It’s one of the most exclusive international Summer Gay Festivals in the world. Every year, XLSIOR grows bigger and bolder.

SAVE THE DATES 23 to 30 August

Launched in 2009 on Mykonos island by XLSIOR’s founder Anastasios Kapetanias, this festival has since become a getaway vacation that combines fun, luxury and most importantly a friendly atmosphere that knows no boundaries.

Certainly, XLSIOR is not just about its astonishing music, nor its breathtaking venues, neither its hot crowd. XLSIOR Festival is a complete holiday experience that will blow your mind. Therefore, the 2017 edition will gather many beautiful smiling faces with lots of love, in a mind-blowing setting. And, with the best beats from all around the world as well as the hottest crowd on the island.

Furthermore, hosting some of the most major Artists in the Gay Circuit scene, XLSIOR brings you the “crème de la crème” of the Gay world. A wonderful opportunity to mingle and have a good time.

If you plan to attend the festival and need accommodation, Mykonos Luxury has special offers on amazing villas for rent in August. The nightly rates are unbelievable.

To add to this, XLSIOR marks an unforgettable experience with the careful selection of its breathtaking open air and outdoor venues. In fact, it is where FUN has a new meaning. Thanks to this festival, Mykonos gets another vote of confidence as an attractive travel destination for everyone!