Live the experience

“You have to taste a culture to understand it”

Choose a water toy and let the fun begin!

If you feel like having some fun or if you want to feel the adrenalin in your veins, you can choose from a variety of activities in Mykonos watersports. Thousands of people have lived the unique experience that offers the combination of action and fun into the water. It doesn’t matter if you have never done it before. You will be amazed

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Night & Bar hopping in Mykonos from Cyclades

Distinguished DJs and the best party organizers come to the island throwing parties and organizing events, attracting the attention of the international media. Whether you prefer to party hard until the sunrise with your friends in one of the famous clubs at Chora, such as Toy Room, Guzel, Maddon, Moni, and the famous Astra or at the internationally reputable Cavo Paradiso where Tiesto, David Guetta, Hardwell play their amazing DJ sets. Can you miss that chance?

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Sail Cyclades

Explore the Cyclades on a Sail Yacht

“Ώρα καλή στην πρύμνη σου κι αέρα στα πανιά σου.” A Greek proverb means Good time in your stern and wind in your sails. The ultimate sail experience for a Group of 8+ . Exprore many Cycladic Island and secret places in Greece. This year will remain in your thought for a long time!

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Mykonos beaches yacht tour

Choose this itinerary and you will be able to see all the beaches of Mykonos from a totally different perspective: you will get to know the jet set venues and nature’s rich heritage and eternal Cycladic beauty. Enjoy your privacy at secluded private beaches & bays, while do not miss the chance to feel the vibes of the always vivid Mykonian beaches. You will see a whole new angle of Mykonos, one that you would have never imagined existed. This particular itinerary is the most popular and the one requested the most by our guests.

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Ultimate Culinary Ceremony

Dreaming of a private candlelight dinner with your significant other in one of the most romantic spots of the island, Private lunch or dinner with your friends? The ultimate gastronomical journey while you are watching a spectacular sunset in Mykonos. our team will make sure you ‘ll have the best Experience ever.

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Diving Adventure around Cyclades

Special activity lovers are always seeking for alternative ways of releasing their energy and passion. An intriguing activity based on the sea element is diving as it fulfils your curiosity, expands your perception of undersea life and is definitely one of the most complete type of body exercise. Libra Y and its experienced crew provides the perfect background for exploring the underwater secrets of Cyclades!

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ancient Greece

Ancient Greece, Athens and Acropolis

Are you on vacation in the Cyclades and want to get a glimpse of Greece History? You can grab the chance and take a trip from any Cycladic island to Athens by helicopter and choose an itinerary that fits you better. We set the pickup location, you are boarding to the prefered Helicopter and you Ancient Greece tour is starting. The experienced staff provided guarantee living an experience of a lifetime.

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7-Day Ionian islands Yacht Tour

O’Mega defines the benchmark of luxury and sophistication for the most selective charterer. Cruise in one of the world’s largest megayachts and experience the world from a different perspective. At 82.5m in length, the O’Mega offers lavish accommodation for 30 guests in 15 cabins and with a crew of 30 to cater to your every need. You are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime.!

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Explore Cyclades

Explore the Cyclades With MY Iris

Famous beaches, secret spots and the luxury you deserve. A 7 days itinerary Starts from Mykonos and explores all main Cyclades island with amazing Motor yacht Iris combines comfort, luxury, and style. Take a breather from the hot sun and lounge around in the coolness of the air-conditioned salon. Iris spacious VIP cabin can accommodate your guests in total relaxation and comfort. Equipped with a plasma TV, a spacious closet, air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom, the VIP cabin is just as luxurious as the master cabin. This beautiful itinerary to Greek islands is everything you ever wanted for your vacations.

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