Mykonos luxury island showed its teeth, once more, in Summer Season 2021

-As CNN had successfully predicted in April (see link below)

The global pandemic forced travellers to cancel their plans for the last two summers.  Refunds and cancellations remain the “name of the game” worldwide, with reservation platforms, travel agencies, airlines and the whole industry struggling to prevent further revenue drops.

Mykonos, even with the experts arguing that the pandemic would equally to 2020 affect the 2021 Season, was a bright exception.  The Greek Government took all the necessary measures to protect the health of the massive incoming tourism and the local population.  Admittedly, the government did a good job and the Covid-19 stats remained stable throughout the summer months. 

Mykonos island, as a luxury destination, enjoyed a long season of guests indulging themselves in this small Aegean paradise.  Luxury villas, luxury motor yachts and the beach bars were just the tip of the iceberg. 

Mykonos with its “fitness survival” personality, produced an environment fit for all tastes.  The Mykonos scene in 2021 called for many luxury villas in isolated areas of the island to be equally popular. Parties and events -with a small venue payment- replaced the bar restaurants and other public venues.  Private cruises with luxury motor yachts were also a protagonist in the summer arena.  With protocols reaching up to 40 people on a single yacht, M/Y were a magnet for guests that wanted to be together all day, in privacy, in luxury, and without the Covid threat.  Private chefs in villas and onboard yachts also played a huge role in the “group privacy” post-covid culture.

Even private beaches in the southern part of the island, were visited for the first time by guests that have been repetitive for years!  In contrast to 2020, the island was heavily chosen by our out-of-continent guests, with the Americans reaching the 19% of the total of visitors.  Mykonos, as an international destination, once again was one of the top options for American citizens, and not only.  Israel and the Middle East once more honoured Mykonos during the high season, and Russian guests increased by 4% since 2019.

Mykonos Luxury, with its selection of 140 luxury villas, all well culminated to be up to the American hosting standards, was one of the top local agencies to open its wings and fly, along with its guests, into the blue Aegean sky right above the diamond of the Cyclades, the Diva of the Aegean, our cherished Mykonos to which our team is so devoted.

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Remote work: Enjoy your pop-up sunny beach offices in Mykonos!

COVID-19 has altered the way the entire world works.

With working from home becoming much more common now than it used to be, some people are getting tired of being at home all the time and are thinking of making the most of it by working remotely from somewhere else- such as a vacation spot away from the big crowded city.

Not being tied down to one location for your job sounds like a dream come true.

If you were already growing tired of the city before Covid-19 and you are able to work from home, remote work lifestyle gives you the freedom to travel. And where would be best to, if not to Mykonos?

If you’ve visited Mykonos before, you know the term “cool” is almost overused when describing this bohemian island.

Mykonos has something for everyone -the beaches, the food, the weather and the picturesque spots are just the icing on the cake. It blends cosmopolitan and Cycladic vibes to perfection with traditional dishes and some of the best cocktails that you can enjoy, as you turn off your laptop for the day. Not to be left behind the low COVID-19 infection rate!

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to choose from whenever you need a break from your laptop. For example, try water sports, horse riding and fishing. Or, for gentler stress relief, take a stroll in the foothills, choose to explore the island’s untamed beauty or just look around and feast your eyes on the endless blue. The colors are beyond your imagination and you’ll finally understand what all the fuss is about. Mykonos is the absolute entry in everyone’s bucket list.

Mykonos Luxury is a vacation rentals company offering a living concept that caters to professionals looking for the liberating freedom from regular office life, while working from their villa or even their pop-up sunny beach offices with Wi-Fi, and we provide convenience, flexibility, and reasonable rental terms and prices. Always with the prerequisite high-speed internet provided, our villas typically include a private pool, they are fully furnished, with sheets and towels provided, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, and well-appointed leisure areas. To select the best spots, we looked at our 150+ villas portfolio in the island, focusing on the best properties. We also made sure that the villas were offered at reasonable prices, and that the internet speed was acceptable.

Here’s a couple of examples of what we offer:

Epic Twin- Elia Complex:

Located just a few steps from the famous Elia beach and only 10 min from Mykonos town, Epic Twin Elia is a twin villa complex, perfect for remote working. Both inside and outside, the guests’ eyes meet the whitewashed walls that blend perfectly with the rocky surrounding and the refreshing pool colour. You can relax on the private balconies outside and enjoy delicious meals. Make sure you take advantage of the BBQ. Inside, a sense of luxurious simplicity prevails, with corner sofas, dining areas and modern kitchens, just to name a few of the many luxury facilities this stunning summerhouse offers.

Houlakia Resort:

This exclusive Mykonos resort offers the guests an absolute luxurious experience and stands out for its unmatched views of the vast blue horizon. The 10-bedroom resort is a 3 separate villas complex, situated in the area of Houlakia, near Tourlos, the new port of the island and just 5min from Chora and Cavo Tangoo Mykonos. The spacious outdoor living area offers two private pools and a Jacuzzi, shaded dining and sitting spaces, gym, stone-built BBQ and pool bar. All three villas composing Houlakia resort are set up in two levels, with en-suite bedrooms, comfortable living and dining rooms and fully equipped kitchens

Make your co-workers jealous by joining the company meeting poolside. Lounge in the sun while you knock projects off your list, then enjoy a crisp plunge in the water.

Bonus: Work on your tan while you work from an airy outdoor area, overlooking the Aegean Sea

Mykonos Beaches & Beach Clubs- The Spice of Life

Mykonos is one of a small handful of elite, premier cosmopolitan destinations for beach life worldwide. For a small island of just 33sqm of land, it has an incredible selection of gorgeous Mykonos beaches to choose from.
We have divided the beaches in Mykonos into two categories: Family Friendly and Party Goers!


Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Mykonos.
Located on the south coast of the island, it’s the meeting point for party goers on the island. It was one of the first Mykonos beaches to be developed and is also one of the most naturally beautiful beaches in Greece. The waters are crystal clear, and the sand is soft and golden.
Super Paradise Beach Club is one of the most famous clubs on the island and also LGBT friendly. It is only open in the summer months and has plenty of entertainment in the form of dancers and live entertainment. It is also a great people watching spot.
At the same beach one may also visit the Jackie O Beach Club, the sister of the well-known LGBT club in Chora. Jackie O beach club is quite unique offering fabulous music, excellent food, trendy music, unforgettable drag shows and great cocktails. The drag show starts each day at 6.00pm and offers a truly memorable experience!

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is another one of Mykonos iconic beaches. It is located 6 kilometers south of the capital Chora and close to Super Paradise and Paranga Beach on the south coast. Paradise is extremely vibrant and famous for its party scene at the Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant. The club comes to life each day at 4pm with music and dancing that is off the charts.
The beach is well organised with beach umbrellas and loungers and there is also an excellent diving and water sports facility on Paradise Beach.
Cavo Paradiso is another very popular party club, at walking distance from Paradise Beach. It is on the cliff top above the beach. Every year the club has an impressive lineup of visiting international and well-known DJ’s and artists. It is one of the most impressive music venues on the island and has several stages which totally respect the natural surroundings. This is where you can dance the night away whilst appreciating the wild beauty of Mykonos.

Paraga Beach

Mykonos Beaches

Paraga Beach is located to the west of Paradise beach on the south coast of the island. The beach itself comprises of a combination of two sandy beaches which are separated with a rock in the middle. It is roughly a 10-minute drive from Chora and is characterized by the amazing views of Paros, Naxos and ancient Delos.
Scorpios Beach Club is located on the hillside above Paraga Beach and is the most famous club of the beach. Although it’s the newest on the island, it has fast become one of the hip places to visit and be seen, whilst you are in Mykonos.
It has a boho chic and very artistic style to it. The restaurant at Scorpios is outstanding and if you are a food lover, we highly recommend you take a visit. They take food very seriously here and offer the best and freshest organically produced food possible. The menu is primarily Mediterranean cuisine with a emphasis on vegetarian and health. Eating at Scorpios is always a special event to enjoy over long leisurely lunches and dinner with friends and family.
The beach club is the perfect place to retreat to if you are looking for a day of solitude. The sun beds which are super comfortable and luxurious are laid out over three levels on the cliff side. The cabanas are wooden and blend beautifully with the natural surroundings.

Kalo Livadi beach

Kalo Livadi Beach is another of the south coast beaches and is located roughly halfway between Paraga Beach and Lia Beach, in the middle of the south coast of Mykonos.
It is one of the longest beaches on the island and well known for its facilities and calm waters, beautiful sands and natural beauty.
Some of the best restaurants and bars include Nice N Easy and Solymar.
Solymar Beach Club is a vibrant party beach and a favourite hangout for regular visitors of the island, located at the eastern end of Kalo Livadi Beach and is one of the original and most cosmopolitan beach bars and restaurants on the island.
The restaurant is excellent and offers Mediterranean cuisine with an ethnic and Asian fusion touch. Solymar really comes alive by the afternoon when they regularly have well known visiting DJ’s and live music.


Lia Beach

Lia Beach is the most easterly located beach on the South coast of Mykonos, 14 kilometers from Chora. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with lovely calm waters and a golden sandy beach. Lia is one of the beaches we recommend for families and people who are looking for a quieter day. There are rocks on either side of the beach making Lia beach a great spot for both snorkeling and diving.
Lia beach also has an excellent restaurant called Liasti where you can get some excellent

Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos Beach is one of the favourite family friendly and peaceful beaches.
It is just 3 kilometers from Chora and one of the closest beaches to the town. It is located north of Tourlos, the new port.
It is a great choice of beach in the shoulder months, as it is well protected from the winds.
There are several restaurants and tavernas on the beach as well as a variety of water sport facilities.

Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos Beach is a busy and very popular beach on Mykonos. It is also the oldest fully serviced beach on the island. It is a great family friendly beach located just 4.5 kilometers from Chora on the south coast.
During the season, there is a variety of water sports on offer. Physically it is a beautiful beach with calm turquoise water and golden sands. There are many hotels and restaurants lined in front of the beach, but it is possible to rent sun beds and umbrellas if you are just visiting for the day. There are regular taxi boats from different parts of the island going to Platis Gialos beach as well as a local bus.

Ornos Beach

Ornos Beach is the closest beach to Chora, located on the south coast and just 2.5 kilometers from the capital. It is one of the best family friendly beaches on the island but because of its location can be very busy in high season.
Despite its busyness, it is a stunningly beautiful beach with clear calm waters, golden sands and very little wind. The beach also has an excellent diving school as well as a school for water skiing and windsurfing. There are several hotels and restaurants overlooking the beach.

Mykonos Beaches

Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis Beach is probably the most active beach on the island of Mykonos and is the go-to place if you love water sports.
Kalafatis beach is located on the south east coast and is 14 kilometers from Chora. It is windier here than most other beaches and therefore a great spot for surfers. There are also facilities for beach volleyball, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing and windsurfing


Mykonos Beaches

Agios Sostis Beach

Agios Sostis Beach is located on the northern part of the island and is also one of the quietest beaches. Not only is it one of the most beautiful spots, it is unspoiled and perfect for swimming with calm waters and crystal-clear waters
We highly recommend a visit to Agios Sostis if you are looking for a quiet and tranquil day whilst on vacation. The beach is 250 meters long and there are several walking paths close by. It is best to avoid Agios Sostis if there are strong winds blowing.

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is another of the beaches located on the northern side of Mykonos and is just 5 kilometers from Chora. It is a calm and secluded beach and tends to be much quieter than its south coast counterparts.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. It is located on the south west of the island and is 4.8 kilometers from Chora. There are only a limited number of beach beds for hire so if you are planning on spending the day here; it is wise to go early. The sand on the beach is golden and soft and the waters are very blue and crystal clear.

There is an excellent restaurant called Hippie Fish which is famous for its sea food.

Houlakia Beach

Houlakia Beach is a pebble beach located on the northern side of Mykonos just 4 kilometers north of Mykonos Town. This is not one of the best swimming spots on the island, but it is one of the best places to enjoy a Mykonos Sunset. For this reason alone, we highly recommend a visit.

Whatever your style is, find your favorite beach, pack up your towels, a bottle of sunscreen and a big hat and jump into the fun of Mykonos beaches!

Mykonos Beaches

I want to travel to Greece. Can I?

As the summer approaches there is a key question on many people’s minds: “When will I be able to travel to Greece again?”
We are here seeking to provide the most up-date-information about the situation in Greece and developments regarding tourism and international travel to the country. As the situation is likely to remain fluid for the coming weeks, we will be regularly updating this article with the latest developments.


Greece has timely taken all necessary actions that seized effectively the covid-19 spread in the country. As a result, today Greece reports less than 3.500 cases and 192 deaths in total, up to the 1st of July. Most importantly, in the past weeks following the first gradual lift of measures taken against the spread, there has not been any significant upturn in cases.
The government has announced a two-month plan in order for the country to return to normalcy, keeping always in mind that the health both of Greek citizens and the tourists is a top priority.

Greece will cover transfer to hospital and medical costs as well as stay in quarantine hotel if needed.
The Greek state is also urging airlines travel agents and hotels to offer maximum flexibility during this time of customer and regulatory uncertainty.
The government recommends travelers download the free Visit Greece app prior to their arrival.

Flights, Ferries, Public Transports

As of July 1st, all Greek airports reopened to international flights, both direct and transit ones. Direct flights are now open for passengers coming from the EU+ countries (EU countries plus Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Ireland), as well as to 14 non-Eu countries: Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Morocco, Montenegro, N. Zealand, S. Korea, Rwanda, Serbia, Uruguay Thailand, Tunisia and China Exceptions apply to passengers from countries which are seriously affected by the pandemic, among which the USA, Russia, Brazil, UK, Turkey and Sweden until 15.07.20.

Additional restrictions on non-essential travel from non-EU countries may be applicable, pending guidance from the European Union.

All passengers travelling on international flights to Greece are required to fill in and electronically submit the compulsory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) 48 hours before departure.
All bans and restrictions for the domestic flights in Greece have been lifted as of 25/5/2020.

As of June 15, the land border with Bulgaria Albania and North Macedonia is open, and visitors are subject to sample testing.

From July 1, international arrivals by sea and docking at Greek ports are allowed.

For transport by car, tourist bus and train the use of masks is mandatory, while traveling is carried out with a 50% capacity


All year-round resorts, including Villas and hotels are open as of June 1st, while seasonal resorts will open on June 15th.
Health protocols have been designed for the safe reopening and operation of resorts, across the country:
All resorts are obliged to have a doctor on call and follow enhanced disinfection and deep cleaning practices, Staff members are obliged to follow the necessary hygiene, while queuing at reception during check-in / check-out must be avoided. Bills, invoices and receipts are recommended to be sent by email and key cards must be disinfected.
Outdoor swimming pools are allowed to operate, according to the current legal framework.

Private yachts

As of 25th May however, yachting in Greek seas is allowed, as it is the safest tourist activity

Public transport (metro, buses, trolley cars, taxis)

As of May 8 the use of masks is compulsory on all public transports (metro, buses, taxis, private cars etc.). In accordance to the law, taxis/mini vans of 5 and 7 seats or private vehicles/mini vans can transfer solely up to two passengers.
For mini vans with capacity of 8 and 9 seats 3 passengers can ride the vehicles. Exception of the restriction is provided for parents with minor children. A 150 euros fine will be imposed on passengers that break the rules.


Both indoor and outdoor seating is now permitted at restaurants across the country. By government guidelines, tables are placed with a safe distance between them.
Maximum allowed number of table guests is six persons, except for families with minor children. It is mandatory for the staff to wear a mask or a face shield, whereas it is highly recommended to customers to do the same.
As of May 16, Beach clubs are open, however with new rules for their operation. The public can also make use of free beaches and coastline, although are advised to respect social distancing guidelines.
Servers must wear face masks.
At hotel buffets disinfectant will be provided for hands at the dining area’s entrance. All hotels must install sneeze guards (protective food guards that protect buffet line entrées and sides from airborne contaminants). The food at the buffet will be served only by the hotel’s kitchen staff (who will be properly equipped with masks and gloves). The customer should not come in contact with the food or the utensils at the buffet.


As of 15th June 2020, visits in museums is permitted. Archaeological sites now operate on extended summer hours (08:00-20:00) to avoid large crowds from forming. In order to maintain the minimum 1.5m safety distance between people, the number of visitors allowed in at every archaeological site is limited, as is the number of visitors allowed to enter every hour.
Specific routes have been demarcated, the entrance and exit separated, and plexiglass screens installed wherever needed and possible.
Public is advised to use masks, disinfectants and keep distances as they are applied.


Commercial shops have already opened as of May 11th, while shopping malls and outlets have opened on May 18th. Consumers and staff are advised to use masks and disinfectants. Distance between customers must be 1,5 m.

I want to travel to Greece


As of May16th access to beaches providing amenities is open but in accordance to strict health safety rules. Private beaches have a capacity restriction of 40 persons per 1.000 square meters and 4 m. distance between umbrellas is compulsory, each of which will provide shade for two sun loungers at most – this does not apply to families with children. Two sunbeds that are under different umbrellas cannot be placed closer to each other than 1.5m. Placing a towel on top of sun loungers is mandatory and considered the responsibility of the user. The staff at organized beaches and beach clubs are required to disinfect sun loungers/chairs after every use. Additionally, they must regularly disinfect sanitary facilities and post a schedule of that cleaning for official review.
Beach bars and food trucks offering food and drink can serve items in a package. Alcohol can be sold but cannot be consumed at the bar to prevent overcrowding.
The ban on playing music at organized beaches has been lifted. However, it is recommended for owners of bars and cafes operating in beach areas to avoid holding events that would cause overcrowding.


If you plan your wedding in an orthodox church the restriction of 1 person per 10 square meters will be imposed, in order to ensure a safe distance of 1,5 m. between your guests.
If you plan a civil wedding, it is recommended to get in touch with the competent municipality or your wedding planner in order to get informed of the restrictions that are applied in each case. The guests are advised to use masks, disinfectants and keep their interpersonal safety distances.

Note that all of the above dates are subject to change, depending on the course of the epidemic in the country. Any potential resurgence of the virus will lead to delays and possibly reversals of the above measures

Here’s why the less expensive Mykonos holiday accommodation is also the safest!

Mykonos is expensive. Some consider it unapproachable. But it is a Diva, and it is in beautiful Greece, and it is whitewashed, and, this Summer it will be affordable as  prices for accommodation (luxury villa in Mykonos , Airbnb, etc.) became very attractive, unlike other years where the simple law of “demand and supply” led to the high, sometimes unaffordable cost of holidays in Mykonos.

Have you ever wondered – and especially if you are traveling with friends or family – what is best for you when it comes to choosing a vacation on an island like Mykonos which is one of the five most attractive destinations on the planet along with Ibiza, Morocco and the Caribbean islands.

In a luxury complex or hotel the cost for a couple starts from 150 euros and reaches a four-digit number per day! At the same time, luxury villas in Mykonos accommodating 6 to 12 people cost significantly less.

Yes. It’s simple mathematics. If in the “high season” a lux room costs 500 euros a day, the cost per person is 250 euros.  In a luxury villa in Mykonos with a private pool, the price is around 800 euros per day and accommodates 10 people or more in bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, costing less than 80 euros per day!

In addition, at a time when the world is battling the battle Covid-19, the villas are far ahead when it comes to safety, as. They do not have common areas with the other residents of the complex or hotel:

  • They do not have a reception, big common lobbies or breakfast buffets for all
  • They do not have a central air conditioning system that distributes air to all rooms through common ducts, rather than individual AC units per room
  • The swimming pool is not shared. It is 100% private
  • Sheets and towels are disinfected and wrapped by piece in nylon bags 
  • Mykonos Luxury villas provide disinfection certificate upon each arrival
  • Air conditioning filters are disinfected at each departure
  • The check-in at the villa is contactless; only the customers enter the villa with a sterile key handed to them along with the sanitization certificates upon arrival

Here are 10 more reasons why a villa in Mykonos is the ideal choice for your holiday!

i.         Luxury and 360 view of the Aegean

Private villas in Mykonos, these days, provide stunning luxury facilities and amenities. From sea-looking infinity pools to all kinds of tech gadgets, or from outdoor BBQ sets or Jacuzzis to top-notch brands of toiletries, Villas offer an individualized kind of luxury unavailable at large hotels. Each villa in Mykonos is unique, with a distinctive style and a personality of its own. Hotels just can’t provide that individualized kind of experience. And what’s more, even if you book a sea view room, you will never be able to overlook the deep blue Aegean Sea at its full glory, like you will when sitting on the Villa terrace.

    ii.         Top Privacy and Homeliness

A holiday is to kick back and relax, and typically Villas are private homes where your neighbors are not on the other side of the wall, as in a hotel. Your Villa’s pool, beachfront, terrace, etc. are not shared. And your parking spot is right there. In a Villa you can use every facility at any time you want, without having to wait for your turn. It may sound like selfishness, but it’s not! It’s your holiday, your time and your family. 

    iii.         Plenty of Space

There’s no place like home. And even if you book a spacious hotel suite or a warm, welcoming and homey hotel room, you will end up spending your private time in a few square meters. Luxury villas are generally bigger than all but the largest hotel suites. A villa gives approximately more than 150sqm than a hotel, where you can stretch out to your heart’s content. In comparison to a villa, hotel rooms could be a virtual shoebox, as they supply an average of 30 sqm. Especially if you have children, the extra space can be much needed. More space is a major contribution to having a stress-free holiday.

    iv.         Service

Yes, Hotels come with yumee buffet breakfasts, but how many times did we miss those hot croissants because –especially on a holiday- we didn’t want to sacrifice our precious sleep! Villas may come with a private chef, who will prepare the menu you design, on the time you want it.  At our Villas, housecleaning, change of linen and pool maintenance is daily and, upon request, you can have a private chauffer or a live-in housekeeper and babysitter.  You get a staff of 3 to 4 people to cater to the needs of your group of 8 to 10. That’s a rate of nearly 1 staff person per 2 guests. Now, think about how’s that rate going to most hotels and you’ll understand why private rentals are in a worldwide boom. The level of personalized service available at private Villas is something that hotels just can’t compete with

    v.         Peace and Quiet

Tranquility is what a Villa is about.  You’ll have the entire property to yourself and you can be yourself and nobody will bother you! No matter how luxurious a hotel is, you will always be sharing its facilities with lots of strangers. A private Villa comes with a private pool just for you and your friends.  There is a reason why celebrities always choose private Villas. Other than the noise of a scooter once in a while, you rarely hear any noise throughout your stay. Well, except for your screeching kids jumping in the pool.  

    vi.         Day and Night Private Pool

This is a big win for the Villa.  In big hotels a place by the pool is always a battle –  in a villa not at all! You can have your sun loungers next to our own private pool and move around from sun to shade depending on our mood. You can hang out the wet pool towels and swimsuits overnight outdoors, and leave the toys stayed in a nice pile by the pool. All you have to think about is the sunscreen. You may stay there and enjoy the sunset, without someone –in the case of hotels- asking you to leave as the pool area needs to be prepared for the dinner of 200 guests.  And how fantastic, fun or…  romantic is it to use the pool under the starry summer sky.  

    vii.         Kids can be kids

You can be much calmer at a Villa with your family and friends, than you would have been at a large hotel. There’s no shushing the kids in fear that they would wake up the people in the room next door, and you don’t have to tell them not to run through the lobby.  The kids will find board games to play and a couple of balls for the pool. Not to mention plenty of outdoor room for their cartwheels in the sunshine.  Also, our Villas come with portable cots and a highchair at no extra cost for the little ones.

    viii.         Healthy meals

Villas have a large fully equipped kitchen where our private chefs can cook for you and your friends quality meals.  Our private Chefs know the island of Mykonos very well and get fresh ingredients specifically selected according to their guests’ tastes to cook for you everything you like, from no calorie laden buffet breakfast to delicious BBQ meals. We can also stock up your fridge whenever you want us to, with selected groceries and beverages of your choice. And let’s not forget the most glorious local summer fruits you get to have when eating local!

    ix.         Villas are pet-friendly

How many hotels do you know that allow pets? Your dog is just as much as a family member as anyone else, and you should be able to take them along to be a part of the memories. Our villas are proud to welcome pets, which can save you the stress of missing your furry friend. 

    x.         Price

Last but not least is what might actually be the strongest point when it comes to Villas vs Hotels: the price! Let’s face it, luxury hotels in Mykonos can get pricey, and a lot of them charge differently, depending on demand, season, number of persons per room etc. Renting a Villa can be extremely cost effective compared to booking a hotel room, especially when your party is big enough to fill all the rooms in the Villa as the cost gets spread among more people. It just doesn’t matter how luxurious a private Villa is, it will still offer a better deal.

Here, at Mykonos Luxury, our Villas give you all the above and more. 

We are sure to present you with a home away from home, in a relaxed and comfortable environment, for you to enjoy a sip of a cool beverage at the pool terrace or lounging in your Villa’s living room. 

Why not get in touch with our team today, to get your holiday excitement started?

D. Rock Champagne meets Mykonos.Luxury Villas

Mykonos Luxury (with a collection of dozens of luxury villas in Mykonos)  and D. Rock champagne are happy to announce the launch of The Mykonos Luxury Champagne special Edition!

The owner of Champagne D. Rock, Chris Hofmann and Mykonos.Luxury Operations Director Pikoulas Chris decided to build on their long-lasting friendship and offer the famous D. Rock Brut Gold special edition champagnes to all Mykonos Luxury villas’ guests.

The luxurious cuvee D. Rock Brut Gold is a blend of different grapes and soils, with subtle balance and exceptional character.  The unique and instantly recognizable golden bottle is the perfect mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with an unrivalled smooth bouquet, produced in a small, idyllic family business in Champagne.

D. Rock Brut Gold is the first champagne, worldwide, with a handmade logo made from over 1.000 Luk-Dymand synthetic gemstones, carefully assembled on noble cotton velvet.

D. Rock also produces “Christophorus”, a 60 liters bottle of champagne, the biggest filled champagne bottle worldwide.

Mykonos Luxury villas in Mykonos offer all luxury touches a guest would expect from a resort in Mykonos island, the world-class location and superbly chic destination. Whether you’re looking for luxuriously relaxing, throwing your wedding, partying all day with friends, or just enjoying an intimate affair, Mykonos Luxury villas in Mykonos are the ultimate environment for crafting your memories. Mykonos Luxury villas’ guests will complimentary enjoy a glass of D. Rock-Mykonos Luxury Champagne and fresh fruits, at their arrival, and will receive a bottle of champagne, as a good appreciation gift!

We want our guests to feel truly valued and our valuable association with D. Rock Champagne is a deluxe way to thank them and make them feel how special they are for us.

Mykonos Luxury Champagne Edition: Setting the standard for Luxury and Sophistication

Here for you I Mykonos Luxury Property Management

Mykonos Luxury Property Management manages stylish and exclusive private properties and connects travelers with unique luxury Villas in Mykonos.  We have built on our extensive travel knowledge and local expertise to bring together an attractive and vibrant collection of properties. Each one is hand selected for its stunning location and distinctive approach. Our careful choices are sustained by unique relationships with the homeowners. With Mykonos Luxury’s property management expertise and broad marketing distribution, owners who switch to Mykonos Luxury can earn more and have peace of mind, and here’s why:

 Rent with ease

Owning a second home shouldn’t be your second job. Mykonos Luxury property managment takes care of the details so you can enjoy the earnings from your villa. When you choose Mykonos Luxury, you’ll benefit from our revenue management expertise—from our pricing tools to our dedicated analytics team and monitoring performance in real time. We even offer custom estimate of how much your home could earn if managed by us. And we only earn when you do! We charge a simple commission on your earnings for each booking and an once-off flat fee for building the listing, villa maintenance and interior decoration services. The rate varies depending on the location, size and quality of your property and we offer a discount if you’re listing multiple properties

 The perfect listing for the perfect guests

 We will build your listing with high-quality HD photography and videos, carefully curated and ordered to meet the precise standards we’ve developed after analyzing the performance of hundreds of rental listings. Guests will know exactly what they’ll get when they book your villa, leading to a better experience and better reviews.  Your listing will be prominently featured everywhere guests are searching, like Airbnb, HomeAway, and, while you will stay on top of all your reservations, with our universal booking calendars, that allows us to manage your bookings across all platforms.  Our digital marketing specialists ensure Mykonos Luxury villas are highly visible with targeted multi-channel campaigns across search engines, display advertising, social media, and email marketing.

The right price at the right time

When you sign with Mykonos Luxury, you benefit from our industry-leading pricing experience. Different days and different homes have different demands and we know how to price them perfectly. Impacted by many factors such as seasonality, trends, demand, local events, etc. your villa’s rates are intelligently updated, so it books for the best price, neither underpriced, nor overpriced. We provide 360o booking management, handling the rental agreement related issues, collecting rental fees and processing all payments in a timely manner.

Professional care you can count on

Every Mykonos Luxury home is cared for by local staff, including highly trained housekeepers and a dedicated villa supervisor. Every Mykonos Luxury guest receives 24/7 support from our reservations and customer service teams. If you already have trusted local partners (perhaps a housekeeper or handyman), we’re happy to work with them, ensuring their work remains strong, and covering for them should they ever be unable to clean your home.

Housekeeping is the heart of our business

Hiring, training, and supporting quality housekeepers is one of the most valuable services we offer to our homeowners. Our guests consistently rate our villas’ cleanliness as exceptional, thanks to our robust housekeeping program. We train the most qualified housekeeping professionals thoroughly, with detailed cleaning checklists and regular inspections and we support them with the tools they need to be effective and ensure everything is completed on time and to our standards. The sheets and towels of your villa are laundered in a certified machine operated laundry facility, following all recommended textile processing standards and delivered to Mykonos Luxury in individually wrapped packs. We also offer top quality amenities that matter most to guests and make them feel pampered.

Seamless guest experience, with 24/7 support

We obsess over delivering a seamless, stress-free vacation for your guests, from booking the right villa to stocking the bathroom toiletries. And of course, we provide around-the-clock care from our local management and central support teams. With our Private and Personal Meet & Greet service, a dedicated Mykonos Luxury agent will assist your guests upon arrival and carry out the check-in and check-out procedures according to a protocol, customized to your villa, while your guests will be enjoying a welcome drink. If your guests have questions, our Customer Experience team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer all guest phone calls and emails. When needed, we’ll connect them directly with your villa’s supervisor, and we always have a backup contact available, just in case.

Guest screening and property protection

While most vacation villa’s guests are respectful and responsible, protecting your home is our top priority. Our reservation system flags bookings with specific risk factors and assigns them to a specially trained customer service representative for review and follow-up. For certain reservations, we use an identity verification service to screen guests before they’re ever permitted to book a Mykonos Luxury villa. And since we employ a robust local staff, we’re able to check on your property at a moment’s notice.

Guiding your villa in interior design

Our design associates will leverage their interior design expertise to create the perfect space for your guests. We believe elevated design helps us achieve greater success, together. Our design services are only available to Mykonos Luxury homeowners, at a cost less than the industry norm. Our design packages include consultation, custom mood boards, and several rounds of review, all with your style and budget in mind.

Integral Maintenance

We observe, review, and action any property issues, all in one place and deal with problems right away. We coordinate any maintenance required for your villa from swimming pool maintenance and gardening to plumbing, electrical maintenance, home improvements and renovations. We offer comprehensive, reliable service, collaborating with experienced local staff;

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    Island of Mykonos, villas in Mykonos Summer 2020

    Island of Mykonos:  a glamorous destination and accommodation in villas in Mykonos for the world’s wealthiest and most famous

    The Greek island of Mykonos is a majestic, cosmopolitan place and one of the top summer destinations worldwide; it has been the “in” spot for years, hosting the most ravishing beach parties and welcoming world-renowned celebrities to their memorable summer vacations. With summer soon kicking off there’s really no question where the Arab world should be heading for the season: because we vote for Mykonos and villas in Mykonos, all the way!

    This cool island of Mykonos of just 33 square miles in size is stuffed with luxury villas, thumping beach clubs, haute couture shops, white sandy beaches, whitewashed alleyways, and swanky restaurants. To put it short and simple, Mykonos has something for everyone looking for a fun summer vacation and to make life easier. Discover luxury villas in Mykonos and make your vacation in Mykonos, the best of your life! Here are five things for you to indulge in on the enchanting island of Mykonos for the Summer 2020 ahead..

    Exquisite cuisine

    Since Mykonos has become an international favorite, the culinary scene caters to taste buds from all over the world, not to mention the exceptional selection of traditional Greek food.

    Begin with Nammos Mykonos, the most famous beach restaurant for the international jet set at Psarou Beach, then head to Alemàgou, the absolute all-day beach bar and restaurant in Ftelia beach or Kiku Restaurant, where Japanese dining comes in all its style and deliciousness. Then, there’s Uno con Carne, offering a revolutionary combination of the freshest Aegean seafood with fine, Argentinian-style meats and Matsuhisa Restaurant where Chef Nobu creates Japanese-South American fusion dishes. The choices are endless really! For the end, enjoy your shisha experience and the seductive fragrance of tobacco smoke, choosing from the Shisha flavours menu


    If you thought Mykonos was merely a great place to get a tan, party and live it up, think again.The Cycladic island is not only one of the best destinations for parties and celebrity-spotting, it’s also an excellent place for shopping.Enjoy strolling between cozy little boutiques that are traditional in every sense and are bombarded with ultra-signature brands such as Louis Vuitton, Franck Muller, Dsquared2, Linea Piu, Chanel, Blumarine, Christopher Kane, Tom Ford or John Galliano!It is safe to say that Mykonos is as fashionable as it is beautifully unique.

    Beaches for days

    From the party beaches of Super Paradise, Psarou and Paraga, to the quiet family beaches of Agios Stefanos and Platys Gialos, Mykonos has a little something for everyone since all beaches on the island are created equally beautiful. If you are looking for a secluded time to connect with nature and relax by the beach, either Ftelia, Panoromos or Agios Sostis coast lines will answer your calls.

    If you want to spend some family time and enjoy water sports, Kalafatis and Platys Gialos beaches will provide you with that. If however you are looking for a romantic getaway, then the options are endless, and a simple look across the mesmerizing Aegean will rekindle the love.

    Party until dawn

    Mykonos might be a tranquil little Greek gem, but it’s also got some wild bars and music to experience. The island has earned the nickname “Ibiza of Greece,” and rightfully so with clubs like Paradise, Guzel, Ling Ling, Jackie O’ Beach bar, Kahlua and Club Scorpios. In the day, hop over to Paradise Beach where you can grab some epic cocktails at The Tropicana Beach Club. Or to Paraga beach and the extremely popular Scorpios club. In the evening, bounce on up to Cavo Paradiso that’s perched overlooking the town itself. Think DJ sets, big crowds and a pool, obviously! Steve Aoki, Martin Solveig, Benny Benassi, and many top international DJ’s are making Mykonos a must for partygoers in the Arab world.

    The Kardashians approve

    The American celebrity family the Kardashians enjoyed Mykonos last spring, taking advantage of the sunny weather and the high temperatures of the blue waters of Mykonos.

    The famous family lodged in a luxury villa, with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram a photo of the pool connected to the sea, commenting that: “I’m in heaven!

    What we do for the safety of our villas in Mykonos

    We Clean. We Care. We Welcome

    What we do at Mykonos Luxury for securing the safety of our guests in our villas in Mykonos

    We are aware of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

    At Mykonos Luxury we have taken all the necessary precaution measures to ensure a safe experience for our guests.

    Here’s a list of our cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols:

    • Sanitizing & Disinfecting our Villas

    We have always followed a strict policy of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting for our vacation villas in Mykonos. We are ramping up our procedures and raising our usual standards of cleanliness and health safety, ensuring all surfaces are disinfected including countertops, frequently touched items like doorknobs, switch plates, remotes and phones, fabric-covered areas and all high traffic areas.

    We are currently having all our villas in Mykonos, as well as our car and aircraft rentals,  disinfected against covid-19, by certified professionals, using Cold Fogging and the disinfectant DALCO 100 (clo2), in accordance to ISO 16636:2015 & 9001:201, and adhering to and the Greek Ministry of Health recommendations, the manufacturer’s directions and labeling.

    The above disinfection process will be repeated before every check-in.

    We have also blocked the days before and after each reservation to ensure we have adequate time to thoroughly clean, sanitize and disinfect each property.

    • Cleaning of Linens and Towels

    Our sheets and towels are laundered in a certified machine operated laundry facility, using a hydrogen peroxide sanitizer, detergent and bleach, following all recommended textile processing standards and delivered to Mykonos Luxury in individually wrapped packs.

    • Provide security precautions to our guests

    All our villas in Mykonos offer sanitizer gels, disinfectant tissues, and disposable paper towels, while we have posted signs throughout the property, describing ways to prevent the spread of germs and protect themselves from becoming infected

    • Contactless check-in and -out

    This innovation provides our guests forward check-in and check-out, through a completely paperless process, entirely handled on a tablet that makes our front office ultra-precautious in securing the safety of our guest, minimizing physical contacts

    • Use of Private Pools at Your Mykonos Luxury Villa in Mykonos

    Additionally, you can feel safe using the private pool at your villa. According to the CDC, “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”  

    We want our guests to enjoy their stay with us. We assure them we will be attentive and vigilant so they can enjoy their get-away. 

    Getting Away From It All- Summer Holidays In Mykonos

    Whether you are a traveler looking to escape crowded cities, where anxiety has surged over the coronavirus spread, or you prefer to work remotely in a luxury environment, while the kids are having outdoor activities, in a controlled setting, we have you covered.

    During COVID-19, we at Mykonos Luxury, are continuing to offer our guests some of the most tranquil and safe villas in Mykonos to escape to, while following the advice from health authorities.

    Mykonos Luxury offers access to more than 100 of the world’s most distinguished premium properties with private pools, in competitive rates, accompanied by a value-added Guest Services & Facilities program, that  offers our guests VIP-worthy privileges to craft memorable and authentic experiences, while being safe and away from jam-packed spots.

    Our VIP program provides an array of tailored services and thoughtful amenities to ensure a safe, relaxing and luxurious stay:

    •  Contactless check-in

    This innovation provides our guests forward check-in and check-out, through a completely paperless process, entirely handled on a tablet that makes our front office ultra-precautious in securing the safety of our guest, minimizing physical contacts.

    • Villas’ sanitization

    Our villas in Mykonos are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and purified by certified professionals, before every check-in, which turns them into oases of purity and calmness. All of our properties provide sanitizer gels, tissues, and disposable paper towels, while our cleaning staff follows increased cleaning and hygiene protocols and always uses masks and dispensable gloves

    • Bespoke Virus-free Transportation

    We offer virus-free private jet flights, with charter aircrafts in quarantine for 3 days before each flight, and dedicated pilots previously quarantined for 14 days before the flight! Our cars and yachts are intensively and professionally cleaned in a multi-step process to minimize the potential risk of transmission, while our drivers and yacht crew follow all the recommendations of the health authorities.

    Our guests do not have to shop or dine at local restaurants when they stay at our properties. We have created a customized service for them, offering daily grocery shopping and meal preparation at home, by private chefs, following a most strict hygienic protocol.

    • In-home full spa, gym and beauty salon relaxation services

    We replicate a spa-like experience in the luxury villas in Mykonos, helping our guests relaxing at home with a calming massage, a beauty treatment or a yoga and Pilates session. All services are provided by our professionals using sterilized equipment, wearing masks and dispensable gloves.

    • In-home coffee and cocktail station

    For our guest satisfaction, we offer another way to elevate their in-villa beverage experience, with a unique cocktail and coffee station.

    • Enthusiast tech and in-house entertainment

    For a truly unique villa experience, we provide technology that caters to any guest interests, from flat screen cable TV with in-house movies and PlayStation to tablets and high-speed Internet access

    Every Mykonos Luxury villa is unique, an escape from the everyday into a world of luxury, personalised service and attention to detail. So, why not take refuge at your second home in Mykonos?